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Weaning: 8+ Pro Tips To Stop Breastfeeding Your Toddler!

Weaning might seem a cake but I breastfed my baby for straight 2 years and he still wouldn’t let go! People who say babies stop to breastfeed by themselves are lying. Big fat myth!

Or are these miracles actually happening? Unfair, Haha! Breastfeeding does wonders to you, your baby’s health but when the time comes, we need to move on. Our kids got to get over breasts!

Wondering What Is Weaning?

Weaning is the transition in a mother’s and the baby’s life from breastfeeding to not breastfeeding. In other words, having your baby to stop feeding on your breasts and switching it down to toddler food.

Do you wonder, too, when and what is the best time to stop breastfeeding? Or the bigger question — How to stop breastfeeding?  Is weaning good for your baby’s health?

These are some of the normal questions and overthinking processes every mother goes through but don’t worry we have covered all your queries, read along!

When To Stop Breastfeeding & Start Weaning?

There is never a wishful time to stop breastfeeding if you ask your toddler the question. Nonetheless, It’s advisable to breastfeed your baby for the starting six months.


These cases differ, some women breastfeed for a shorter time meanwhile others can go as far as 18 months, even 24! But that’s every women’s independent call. The threshold is 6 months, up and down is your choice.

Don’t Doubt Yourself or Weaning!

As mothers, we tend to overthink a lot when it comes to our babies, their health, this whole motherhood. My first advice, don’t overthink, you are doing great!

Yes, your baby won’t allow it or might as well be upset about your decision. But it is no way wrong. I might as well go far as to quote the greatest of philosophy, ‘nothing changes, if nothing changes’ or ‘Changes be bitchin good’.

Don’t fear the change, mamas! Your babies have had all they could from breastmilk, it’s time they get some solid action going!

Pro tips to smoothly blend in weaning to your baby’s schedule

1. Swift Blending:

Don’t abruptly infuse weaning to your baby. Abrupt actions can turn off your baby completely.  Try to blend in weaning and bottle-feeding alongside breastfeeding.

2. Bottle-feeding

Bottle-feeding helps the baby to get over breasts faster than it normally takes. The more time babies spend on the bottle, the less time they would invest in thinking about feeding on your breasts.

You can start bottle-feeding 6 months onwards, earlier if you may. Divide breastfeeding–bottle feeding schedule on an 80:20(breastfeeding: bottle-feeding) ratio at the start and gradually balance it in the coming weeks.

3. Weaning

The same goes for weaning. Start with 70:30 ratio of breastfeeding: weaning and gradually, almost slowly balance this ratio and when your baby starts to accept, outnumber weaning to greater percent than breastfeeding.  The keyword is “Go Slow!”

4. Cut Down Routine/Habits

It’s very important to cut down your baby’s habit. They can be very much into the schedule. Perse, wanting to breastfeed while sleeping, or wanting to play with the breasts throughout the day, different kid, different habits!

The point is to distract them from these habits. Make sure to help them with a substitute or you are signing in to the hell way, mi mamas! Say, if your baby tries to breast-play, help him with another teething toy.

Or if he sleeps through breastfeeding, ask your husband/family to get your baby to bed, staying away from breasts can be enlightening for the baby, Haha!

6. Change the Schedule

Another successful way to cut down your baby’s schedule is to change it’s routine completely. Say, if he sleeps to breastfeeding — try to shift breastfeeding before bedtime.

Don’t free feed the baby whenever they ask for it, feed whenever highly required! In addition, cut down the number you breastfeed to half but don’t forget to do it gradually.

7. Distract Your Baby — Hacky-Packy

Now, every baby is different and so is their demand for distraction. Only you can know your baby better and their likes.  Still, if we look for some of the universal distraction that can help us mothers can be:

  • Taking them out for a stroll
  • Playing with them
  • distracting them with attractive food making
  • Taking the help of the virtual world a.k.a TV!
  •  Asking your husband/family to play/take care of the baby

Help us with more of these distractions, you all will do us a huge favor! 

8. No Drama, More Affection!

Make sure you give your baby the right environment to grow. If you wish your baby starts to adapt to weaning early, give them a stress-free environment.


That being said, surprise your baby with extra affection and nurturing. Weaning is going to be big and the first change your baby will go through, can result in anxiety, fuzziness, and tantrums in your baby.

Try to ease down a little bit and bring your baby to their comfort zone. It can be overwhelming when your baby starts to overthrow tantrums, don’t get frustrated or disturbed. Support your baby in this all the way up. It is more hectic forhe baby than it is to you!

9. Have Patience

Every kid has a different journey and a different adaptation level. Do not compare your baby’s progress to others and neither should you compare yourself to other mothers!

Embrace your journey and appreciate your baby’s success no matter how small it is! You both deserve appreciation, self-appreciation! Comparing can lead to discouragement inside of you and can prolong the growth process, So stay optimistic, love yourself and your baby!

10. Cut Down The Boob Time

Humans are known to adapt and your baby shall, too. Take off for a few days to help your baby forget the breasts they so very love! This must not be done if your baby is not ready. Don’t force the baby away from the mother if they are not entirely ready.

This advice is for babies who are equally connected to their father/family/guardians and given the love of 5 people at most if the mother is not available for so and so reasons!

So, don’t leave up the baby unless it’s being loved by grannies, nannies, mommies, daddies, aunts, pets and everyone altogether.

11. Food That Entice!

Babies develop their color senses in the ongoing 4th month, you can use this opportunity to entice your baby into baby food through colors! Try to cook appealing colorful meals for your baby.

Another factor that can help your baby like baby food can be their teething months. 6 months and your baby starts to have temp. teeth.

Teething would make your baby want to chew stuff, help them with edible popsicles and solid food items that they can chew onto. Isn’t it a win-win call?


We tried all the tricks and treats that can help you and your baby out with weaning.  If you have more ideas and experiences that would help alike mothers, do let us know in the comment section down below.  Until then,


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