5+ Tips For A Natural Birth & Labor Pain

To remind us of the medieval era and how women gave birth without science still breathes to amaze us. Natural childbirth was a possibility back then and it still is. Women astound us in every way possible, call it natural birth, induced/ mediated birth, or C-section. It requires immense courage to give birth and we salute you. It also will require these Tips For A Natural Birth & Labor Pain

To point out, natural birth is a mother’s choice and solely hers. Whatever reason that you might have for a natural birth, medicated birth, or C-section, we support you.

tips for natural birth

I endured both of my delivery naturally. And needless to say, it wasn’t easy. Though I did not induce birth, I had Episiotomy done with both my delivery. My first kid weighed 11.5 pounds, Episiotomy was a necessity of the hour.

My purpose in sharing this experience with you is to let all the mothers know every journey is different, you can make everything come true. But don’t be hard on yourself, don’t beat yourself down, endure the pain until you can but know when to let go and that it’s fine.

10 Tips For Natural birth & Labor Pain

There can be n’ reasons for wanting to give birth naturally. And I’m certain that you know it’s going to be hard! Knowledge is your first step towards natural birth in all these Tips For A Natural Birth. Going unprepared into the battle has its own downfall. Get yourself all the knowledge, and all the practice, that you’d need in the labor room.

You can either be for hours in the labor room or perhaps fewer hours. There are four stages of labor are early labor, active labor, second stage labor. Early labor lasts for 8-12 hours. Active labor stays up to 4-8 hours and second stage labor lasts for 15 minutes to an hour.

Early labor is not as strong as active labor and comes in intervals. Active labor is strong, continuous, and regular. Second stage labor is the strongest but only lasts for an hour or 2 max. This roughly counts for 21-24 hours. The question is if you can endure these 24 hours at most. The rest would write itself.

1. A Birth Plan, Birth Class, Doula

Right educator:-

Right Education is a must, knowing all the small details give you the power of knowledge. This information will give you strength. Equally important is the need for natural birth practices that will prepare your body for the forthcoming big day!

Look for the right educator that you’d prefer. Try out a few classes until you stumble on the one that fits you the best. Don’t pull yourself back into not asking questions. Ask as many questions as you possibly can and until all your queries are answered. Repeat exercises, natural birth practices until you get the essence out of them!

Don’t skip your lessons or practices for the next coming months. If you can and if it’s your initials days of pregnancy, get on with these classes ASAP. Though you can start at any point in your pregnancy if not from the initial months.

Birth Plan:-

Nothing ever goes as we plan for it to go and maybe that’s the beauty of it. But there’s no harm mapping it out to be already prepared. A birth Plan includes all the necessary preparations from the environment of the labor room, to people attending your delivery, decided for a natural/medicated birth, labor room or outdoor birth, monitoring or intermittent monitoring, mother’s requirement in the labor room, postpartum hospital details, etc.

Having a birth plan would allow you to breathe in the chaos of the mess. A birth plan is as organized as you’ll ever get. Except for the postpartum organization of the home, before the baby arrives, that’d be a necessity.

A Doula:-

Well, for one, why not a friend, or your mother or your husband? That’s because they are not accomplished with enough knowledge to calm you or themselves unless they do have the required knowledge and stability. Even if they had the required knowledge, your family would get washed away in emotions/instability at some point.

You need someone who is emotionally strong and practical and with the right knowledge to give you the strength and support you’d be needing. Of course, your family is your strength and they’d be there for you throughout the way, a doula will let know the conditions, right care, and attention you would be needing! Tips For A Natural Birth is having an intelligent support system

2. Why do you want to have a natural birth?

A reason behind actions helps you find determination. Ask yourself, why you want to have a natural delivery? There can be many reasons. It can either be your self-accomplishing choice. Or you chose natural birth to avoid side effects and latter complications.

C-section/medicated birth does not just end in the labor room. Their recovery continues for several months and it’s not a fun job. So, prepare yourself a pro/con list to make sure is natural birth is what you really want. A pro and con list will inbuild your determination.

Along with that, do not fog your choices with ifs once you have made up your mind. An ‘if’ in your sentence can imbalance your determination or natural birth. Agree as you mean it, later consequences can be handled later.

In light of that, complications can arrive at any point in the labor room. Despite your decision for a natural birth. You must make a decision in your active labor if you want to induce labor through medication or not. Again, don’t be disheartened, whatever happens, happens for good. Breathe in and enjoy a stress-free journey at all curves of pregnancy.

Exclude stress from your birth plan. It’s either this or that. Stressing would affect your overall health along with your child’s. Breathe, prepare for the best, and leave the rest to the Universe.

To further feel empowered, choose a health care provider & your doula that are determined into natural birth just like you. Combined, you guys would do a great job!

3. Meditation and being mentally prepared. 

Being physically prepared is one thing but mental preparation has a wider effect on your chances for a natural birth. Staying physically, mentally, and socially healthy is very important at times like these and otherwise. In whatever times, you must not stress yourself or your body. Stress has a negative flow.

To enhance positive flow in your body, calm your state. Meditation is a great way to enhance positivity in and around you. It calms your body & doesn’t let the environment and negativity affect you through any means.

You don’t have to join a meditation class or course to calm your state. Get connected with nature, feel the vibration of the universe, the sounds of nature, and synchronize it with your breathing and your heartbeat. There’s a newly discovered peace in nature and with the universe.

Breathe the fresh air, swim in freshwater(if your condition allows you). Listen to the birds singing you a melody and wind giving it a beat. Nature is healing, unraveling. Allow it to bring you close to a deeper treasure. Concentration can be hard but nature allows you to connect to your inner self faster.

Hence, try meditation outside in nature rather than a room. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing and heartbeat pattern. If you get distracted, try to observe your breathing pattern. How your body responds to it and how it goes along. I have talked diversely on how you can use mediation to cope up with contractions in your labor room. If you wish to read it, I have attached a link for you in the context. 

4. Choose Water

Water helps calm your body. Often take warm showers and use warm compression to cope up with the pain. You can spend time close to a lake and meditate close to it if it’s possible. Of course, don’t numb your fingers down in the water but use it when you want to relax your body.

Also, try to spend your early labor at home with your Doula and your family. The hospital would suggest you come back only when active labor begins or when your cervix dilates to 6. If you get a hold on meditation, try giving birth in the water, close to nature and outside of the hospital.

5. Weight gain or weight loss is not good

To have a healthy pregnancy, baby, and birth. Make sure you are in a healthy weight line. Underweight or over-weight is not good for either of you. Make sure you are eating enough and a healthy diet to meet your own body demands and your baby’s postpartum breast milk demands.

Too much weight can increase your pregnancy complications or too little weight will increase your complication and also will affect post recovery and your baby’s health. If you have just found out about your pregnancy, make sure you have an ideal weight lining up with your BMI.

If not, start to exercise and eat healthily and eliminate certain unhealthy foods, if you are overweight. Or start to eat healthy and more if you are underweight and maintain that until and after your delivery.

6. Alternate pain-relieving methods

A huge part of having a birth plan is to have your alternates ready. Pain is an inevitable part of the labor and it can break you to great lengths. Knowing all the available options to cope up with labor pain that supports natural birth is good planning.

Consult with your hospital and get yourself known to all the alternative pain-relieving methods. They can be pain meds or other methods that can help you cope up with pain. Do not self-suggest yourself medication.

Many pain-relieving methods and their availability depending on the hospital. Consult with your hospital beforehand and add it in your birth plan. Also, refer to labor & delivery advice for pain management!

These are the Tips For A Natural Birth that helped me through my pregnancy, labor, and, natural birth. If you have more suggestions to add in, do share it with us. If we have created a mistake by fault. Do let us know in the comment section down below!