5 Ways To Tighten Your Sagging Breasts!

(This post is for nursing mothers, weaning mothers, and women of any kind undergoing sagging breasts)

Our body can pull almost everything back to its shape. What are saggy breasts? Your breasts leaving your chest and befriending your stomach is called sagging breasts. In other words, loosening of muscles that keep your breasts up and firm.

It’s a famous misconception that breastfeeding causes sagging breasts. Not really. Breastfeeding is actually an antidote to breast sagging. Why and how? After pregnancy, even if you choose not to breastfeed, your body will produce milk and your breasts will get bulkier because of the milk.

sagging breasts

Draining these bulky breasts is the best choice you can imply. What helps you drain them? BREASTFEEDING! Bulky breasts will anyway surrender to gravity if not emptied resulting in breast sagging! So, if possible, please breastfeed.

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What Causes Sagging Breasts?

If you wish to skip this part, here is a quick summary of the causes of sagging breasts:

  • Aging
  • Weaning
  • Excessive pumping
  • smoking
  • multiple pregnancies.
  • Wearing the wrong bra Or not wearing one at all
  • Not exercising
  • Improper diet

Just a quick glance at what causes saggy breasts can help us eliminate things that we must avoid or undo to tighten our saggy breasts except for aging. You cannot reverse aging, one can only embrace it. There are multiple factors that can cause breast sagging with or without pregnancy/breastfeeding.

1. Aging, of course

Aging is inescapable. When we age, our skin starts to lose its elasticity. A woman with a healthy, fit history of exercising might not experience sagging breasts for a long time even after aging. Why? Because being fit, regular exercise keeps our body’s elasticity intact.

Our skin’s elasticity is maintained by the production of collagen. In the course time of aging, our body starts to produce 1% less of collagen every year after we cross 20. The loss of collagen and elastin makes our skin wrinkly and loose.

Exercise keeps aging’s symptoms at bay. While aging results in increased fat content, slow heart rate, slow metabolism, low muscle strength. Exercising keeps your heart rate stable metabolizes fast, keeps your muscles strengthen intact as well.

So, if you are aging and losing your muscles strength and elastin, just know, you can always pull yourself back into the shape you wish for.

Breast sagging naturally starts when you cross 40 or earlier if you had an unhealthy lifestyle. If you are at the threshold of 40 or below, start exercising! We’ll discuss, what exercises help us to tighten our sagging breasts ahead in this article.

2. Weaning.

Yes, you hear me right. It’s not breastfeeding that results in sagging breasts but weaning. What is weaning? Weaning is when you stop breastfeeding your baby after 6 months or 12 months. Weaning is a necessary process in order to start solid foods for your baby. Why does weaning cause breast sagging?

When you stop to breastfeed, your body won’t immediately stop to produce milk. So, your breasts still would be bulkier and acting on gravity. Mothers usually pump out their breast milk after weaning. But, breast pumping is an unnatural process that might loosen your breast’s elasticity and muscles.

Don’t abruptly start weaning and stop breastfeeding. Instead, go slow and infuse weaning slowly while still breastfeeding. So, that you drain half through breast pumping and half still through breastfeeding. This way, you won’t be pumping too much and still will be draining your breasts fully.

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3. Excessive Pumping

There is no doubt in the fact that breast pumping is the mother’s favorite tool ever invented. It empties your breasts, helps you to stop breastfeeding, lets you make abundant milk stashes, and whatnot. But too much breast pumping can result negatively in your breast health, resulting in sagging breasts

4. Smoking.

Next to aging, smoking results in wrinkly skin very fast. Although you might not see the results early in the stage, you will start to witness wrinkly skin when you reach a certain limit of smoking.

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5. Multiple pregnancies.

When your body undergoes many pregnancies, the continuous filling of milk in the breasts and the continuous shrinking of your breasts after you are done with breastfeeding can result in breast sagging. Why? The repetitive cycle of accumulating and shrinking down loosen your muscles!

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How To Tighten Your Sagging Breasts!?

Let’s get back to your original shape and yes it is possible! Important note: you can eat healthily, eliminate unhealthy habits but it takes more than that to tighten your loose muscles, i.e., exercise. Only healthy exercises and a healthy diet to support those exercises can firm your saggy breasts.

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1. Chest Exercise, Shoulder Exercise

Breasts are supported by the chest muscles and hence, we’ll start with chest muscle exercises itself. We will also include shoulder and belly fat exercises to support your chest exercises. Normal exercise won’t do it(It will take longer with normal exercise and the process is slow)

You will need dumbbells and if possible, the gym is another great choice to form your saggy breast. If you will be performing these exercises at home, get yourself a pair of dumbbells(the starter pack) Don’t pick too heavy dumbells for starters. (2.5 kgs is good for starters and later replace them with heavier dumbbells)

If you perform these exercises at home, you will need to equip yourself monthly. Hence joining a gym is a better choice because you will have all the equipment you’d want

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1.1. Chest Press.

Start with 2.5kg dumbbells at both hands for chest press. For this exercise, lie down straight on a mat(at home) or a chest bench(in the gym) with your knees folded upwards and set your feet firmly on the ground.

Firmly hold onto the dumbells and lift them up stretching your arms to its full extend. Hold the position for a few seconds. And then bring them down close to your chest, bending down and touching the ground with your elbows in the process. Perform this until convenient.

1.2. Chest Fly.

The chest fly is similar to the chest press. Lie down in the same position as the chest press. The only change is, instead of bringing dumbbells down on your chest, take them side-by-side opening your shoulders.

For this exercise, use your shoulders. Align your hands with the shoulder, close your shoulders with bent elbows inside holding the dumbbells, making your chest go inside, and then open your shoulders along with your hands wide open. Repeat until convenient.  Don’t overdo your exercise.

1.3. Plank

Plank doesn’t include equipment. You can easily perform this exercise at home. For this exercise, use a mat and lie down face to face with the mat. Now, try to balance your body on your toes and your arms. Try to hold this position for 20 seconds.

When lifting your body on your toes and arms, don’t curve/bend your body. Point your hip out while performing a plank. This exercise might seem easy but it is hard for a beginner. I had a hard time holding it for 10 seconds(could be the lazy body) as a beginner.


Once you start to get easy around planks, you can start push-ups. 5 pushups a day is normal, don’t overdo these exercises. A sudden start can sore your muscles nothing else. So, go slow. For push-ups, don’t slack your body, keep it as straight as possible.

For this exercise, lie down on a mat and balance your body on toes and your hands(instead of arms like in the plank, you will have to balance your body on hands.

If you choose to join a gym, your gym instructor will better instruct you into chest exercises(Always a better option)

1.5. Cobra Pose

You can easily perform this exercise at home. For cobra pose, lie down on a mat, face-to-face. You can relax your thighs, legs, and feet on the ground comfortably. Hold your upper body on your hands. Pull your body upward while stretching your arms fully. Project your head towards the ceiling. Hold the position for a few seconds and go down again.

Make sure you feel the stretch in your arms and shoulder while getting down and going up. You will also feel the stretch on your chest, shoulders, back when going up. So, it’s an overall exercise helping you with everything. Perform in 20 sets or less if inconvenient.

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2. Massaging Your Breasts With Tightening Oils

Massaging alone gives your breasts a firmer and healthier lifestyle. How? Massaging increases blood circulation in your breasts allowing them to replenish with fresh nutrients. Massaging daily has many health benefits because blood circulation not only carries all the desired nutrients but also ample oxygen.

Tightening oils has shown promising results in tightening your skills but if you don’t prefer such supplementing oil, you can use any natural oil that’s rich in collagen and elastin. You can use almond oil, vitamin, omega-3 fatty oils. All these oils keep your skin’s elasticity rich and healthy.

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3. Ice Massage For Sagging Breasts

Apart from massaging oils, ice massage also contracts your tissue due to the cold temperature. For this massage, use 5-6 ice cubes in a cloth and gently massage your breasts! If the temperature seems too much to you, stop immediately. Keep the ice cubes in a thick cloth to avoid damage.

A hot shower also initiates a good blood circulation. Enjoy it and tighten your breasts.


4. Healthy Diet For Skin Elasticity & muscles

  • Vitamin A: Dairy products, liver, fish oils, broccoli, fortified cereals, squash.
  • hyaluronic acid (water): Drink plenty of water and juices. Water has been a forever remedy for healthier skin. You can supplement yourself with hyaluronic acid if your doctor gives you a green signal. Lots and lots of water keep breast sagging away!
  • Vitamin C: Orange juice, citrus juice, bell pepper, tomatoes, etc.
  • Vitamin E
  • Green Vegetables
  • Fatty fish
  • Almonds
  • walnuts
  • antioxidant foods: Onions, grapes, eggplant, seafood, lean meat, herb green tea, raspberries.
  • collagen supplements(gelatin) Although studies don’t have much proof for collagen’s result, you can give a natural try to natural collagen-rich foods. Som collagen-rich foods are bone broth and gelatin.
  • Sulfur rich food: Fish, poultry, meat, cabbage, onion, etc.

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5. The right bra To Kick Sagging Breasts

Muscles need support to stay firm, a right bra is a must if you wish to firm your sagging breasts. Remember, a tight bra is just as bad as a loose bra. While a loose won’t provide any support, a tight bra will cause chest pain. Wear a comfortable and yet a firm bra. You can opt for sports bras, they are the best.

Don’t forget to wear a sports bra and only a sports bra while exercising! Sports bra protects/supports your ligaments which in turn stops breast sagging.

These methods to tighten your saggy breasts are all non-medical procedures. Do you want me to add medical options to tighten your saggy breasts? Let me know in the comment section down below.

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