Pregnancy symptoms: 10 Early Signs Of Pregnancy!

Mothers witness more than a normal amount of pregnancy symptoms right after conceiving. While these symptoms can be Early pregnancy symptoms or they might also be affected by other factors. Every woman experiences different pregnancy symptoms. In fact, pregnancy symptoms might differ from 1st pregnancy to 2nd pregnancy of the same woman.

You can notice these early pregnancy symptoms as early as the conceiving process itself or soon after a week. These pregnancy symptoms can easily camouflage your normal habits.

Learn about 15 such common early symptoms of pregnancy that can indicate good news! Please note, these symptoms do not assure pregnancy because they can be caused by something else as well. If you think you are pregnant, it’s best to confirm it with a pregnancy test.

10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms-How to Notice Them?

You can differentiate between early pregnancy symptoms and normal body habits if you have the correct knowledge about them. For example, if you suddenly feel your breasts getting bigger and they are sore right after a couple of days of having sex or a week later. It is a clear sign of early pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Sore breasts may seem causal events because we do experience a little soreness sometimes. For instance, wearing a bra for too long makes our breasts sore. But if you see a sudden rise of pain, it could be that you are pregnant. To be sure, please have a pregnancy test.


1. Early Cramping And Spotting.

Early cramping mimics your menstrual cramps but it can also be caused due to pregnancy hormonal changes. Similarly, Spotting is also an early sign of pregnancy! What is spotting? Spotting is the light bleeding of pink-brown colored blood. Women might confuse spotting for periods or the start of periods but it’s actually a hormonal change because of pregnancy.

Why does spotting occur?

Spotting is also known as Implantation Bleeding referring to the implant of a fertilized egg in the uterus. Fertilization occurs after 1-2 weeks after conception. To differentiate between periods and implantation bleeding, check the color. While periods are red in color, implantation bleeding is light pink to brown.

Pregnancy symptoms

If you think it can be implantation bleeding, please do a pregnancy test to cross out other possibilities of the bleeding. Additionally, inform your doctor about the bleeding so that they can better comprehend what might be the cause of the bleeding is not pregnancy.

Early cramping is also less compared to that of menstrual cramping. If you notice early cramping along with spotting, have a pregnancy test and later visit your doctor to consult the issue. Why do cramps occur? Your uterus dilates for fertilization to occur.

Fertilization is the implant of the fertilized egg on the uterine wall after a week or two of conception.

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2. Sore Breasts & Nipple Color.

As we discussed, sore breasts are also an early symptom of pregnancy. Why? Soon after a week of conception, your body starts to produce too much estrogen and progesterone that results in the growth of glands in the breasts, i.e., your breasts start to prepare for breastfeeding right after a week of conception.

This estrogen & Progesterone level increases the fluids in your breasts making them heavy and full. This heaviness causes sore breasts, nipples, and extra tender to touch. Some women continue to have sore breasts for weeks but it’s not dangerous. Consult with your doctor about breast pain as well to cross out other possibilities of the pain.

Your hormones also act on melanocytes, the cells responsible for the color in the nipple. If you are pregnant, our nipples will seem to appear darker than usual. Dark-skinned women might not notice this change in the long run.


3. Frequent Urination

You will notice frequent urination right after fertilization or even after conception. Why does frequent urination occur? When your uterus makes space for fertilization, it pressures the bladder into frequent urination. Along with that, the increased flow in blood in the kidney also increases the volume of frequent urination.

This is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancies. Unless you feel a burning sensation while peeing. If that happens, please consult your doctor to rule out other factors causing a burning sensation while peeing.

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4. Basal Body Temperature.

A constant increase in your basal body temperature is also a confirming pregnancy symptom. You need to take this test right after waking up for better results. Basal body temperature can be taken orally, rectally, or through the vagina. If you see a half-degree increase in your body temperature for straight-up 2 weeks, chances are that you might be pregnant.

Basal body temperature is usually caused by the progesterone surge after conception.

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5. fatigue

Your body starts to work for the pregnancy and prepares for a healthy pregnancy. This 24*7 function after conception will cause fatigue and tiredness. That being said, your heart will also start to pump more oxygen for the uterus, leaving you tired! Your increased body temperature also consumes your energy constantly causing fatigue.

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6. Morning Sickness

Some women might not go through morning sickness in the starting weeks, while others might feel a subtle morning sickness in the starting weeks. Morning sickness, again, is caused due to the progesterone level. Your progesterone disturbs your digestion routine causing constipation and whatnot.

Pregnancy symptoms

Constipation upsets your stomach resulting in morning sickness. Women who feel nauseatic in the starting weeks may find it very random and rare. They might just be sleeping and be nauseated. It’s random and subtle.

Later morning sickness starts to kick in the 6th week of your missed periods or 2 weeks. Morning sickness has been the conventional symptom of pregnancy for ages. While there can be many other reasons for morning sickness.

If you experience them along with missed periods and symptoms above, it could be that you are pregnant. Morning sickness happens to 85% of pregnant women and it’s normal unless otherwise.

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7. Indigestion

As we talked about it, Indigestion is a product of progesterone surge. Progesterone is a female fertility hormone. Its main job is to maintain a healthy fertile life. It regulates the menstrual cycle every month and after pregnancy, Progesterone prepares your body for pregnancy. After conception, progesterone is responsible for thickening the walls of the endometrium.

Progesterone disturbs the digestive tract resulting in constipation and morning sickness. Do not forget to drink plenty of fluids, fiber to help with constipation and morning sickness.

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8. Food Cravings

Since your pregnant body consumes all the energy keeping the pregnancy intact, you will crave food a little more than normal. You might get cravings for different food because of the hormonal changes. A heightened sense of smell could also make you known to different smells, making you crave different things.

Eat ample food and be stocked with different healthy flavors.

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9. Mood swings

The continuous change in the hormonal levels and the increased surge of estrogen and progesterone leads to fatigue, morning sickness, constipation, indigestion. It’s inevitable to have mood swings given your condition.

To keep yourself calm, consult with your doctor about constipation relief. Constipation does get common throughout pregnancy. Keep yourself entertained and free of other stress.

10. Bloating.

Again, Progesterone slows down your digestion resulting in a swollen stomach. If you feel bloated and it feels weird, look up for their symptom mentioned above. You might be pregnant!

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