Pregnancy Hacks: 10 Tricks & Tips For First, Second, Third Trimester.

In light of this, Pregnancy’s gentle growth lasts with us for 9 beautiful months. Every day, it comes with a daily reminder of our motherhood & parenthood. Though pregnancy is a bumpy ride, with a couple of these pregnancy hacks, you can ace it like a pro!

What seems like an eternal, unbearing 9 months journey with seamless hours in the labor room, pregnancy does evaporate in a second. Embrace your time being pregnant with these cost-efficient pregnancy hacks!

There is a lot to deal with while being pregnant. Every passing day, your body increases in size, giving you a new milestone to cope up. Nausea, morning sickness, swelling, back pain, uncomfortable days with the bump, mood swings, craving, and what not! Modern problems need modern solutions and in this article, we are going to do just that!

10 Pregnancy problem and 10 pregnancy hacks!

Nevertheless, don’t forget to ask for your family & partner’s support to keep the sanity throughout pregnancy. Let’s make this pregnancy cost-efficient and soothing.

You don’t want to waste money on temporary fixes but you also wouldn’t want to go through the discomfort pregnancy comes with. Without further ado, let’s discuss the discomfort and the relief pregnancy hacks we have got for you in the box!

1. Back Pain & Its hack

Back pain is inevitable with the growing bump. The bigger the bump, the greater the pain. It’s not hard to reduce back pain and bid it a forever goodbye. Given the notion, back pain can also be a result of improper body postures. Before we get into its hack, let’s reposition a correct posture.

To maintain a correct posture, make sure your back isn’t curved down, instead keep it up straight. It can be hard to keep your back straight in the starting days, with a couple of days practice, you can a get a hold around it. To maintain a good body posture, use a back brace to support your back with your shoulders. Also, try to find a sleeping position that keeps your back straight and not curve.

Back Pain Pregnancy Hacks #1

Pregnancy HacksPregnancy hacksPregnancy hacks

  • Kinesio Tape: Kinesio Tapes provide support to your muscles and joints without restricting your body from movement. Kinesio tape also comes handy when you can’t use a compression belt on your bump anymore.
  • Maternity Pillow: This one’s a fair buy. The maternity pillow allows you to have a proper sleeping posture which also supports the bump when you sleep. This pillow comes with complete support to your back, legs, and head.
  • Yoga & Meditation: Now, this might sound bizarre to your hormonal driven pregnancy phase but yoga and meditation actually prepare your body for the coming days and the labor day! Meditation brings your soul & mind at peace. This inner peace releases energy to cope up with pregnancy problems and labor day. Yoga, on the other hand, maintains a good body posture which not only reduces back pain but also stretches your body and makes it flexible. This flexibility is going to help you a lot in the labor room, trust me!


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2. Swollen and aching feet

With the growing baby, your weight will increase and will pressure your legs/feet. This can cause swelling and severe pain in the legs and feet. It’s advised to not stress your body and the baby during pregnancy, do movements but don’t overdo it.

Edema or swollen feet are pretty common in pregnancy. You can also witness this swelling in your hands as well.

Swollen Feet Pregnancy Hacks #2

  • Cold Water: Soak your feet in cold water (not too cold) and keep them soaked for 5-10 minutes. If you are fine with the cold water, you can extend this time and soak your feet for a longer period of time. Coldwater lowers the damaged tissue temperature and constricts blood vessels. It also numbs the nerves providing instant relief.
  • Epsom salt and warm water: Epsom salt has anti-inflammatory effects. Mixed with warm water, the solution can cure swollen feet.
  • Tonic water: The amount of quinine and bubbles in tonic water can remedy swelling. Soak your feet in tonic water for 10-15 minutes. Cold tonic water works better.


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3. Nausea & Morning Sickness:

With pregnancy, you will often wake up to nausea and morning sickness. This can get repetitive every morning, making it a whole lot difficult.

To cure nausea, make sure you choose food wisely. Pregnancy comes with many food swings and one wrong ingredient can do the work for you. So, eat good and it what is dearest to you.

Morning Sickness Hack #3

  • Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits have neutralizing acids that give instant relief to the stomach. Try lemon tea, orange fresh juice, etc.
  • Ginger: Ginger is a great remedy for upset stomach & nausea. If you are nauseated, try ginger water or ginger tea. You can also eat raw ginger with jaggery for instant relief. Grind ginger with jaggery and then heat it up, gulp it down(Doesn’t taste good)
  • Eat Light food: Heavy food can disturb your stomach even further. Go for light food, less spicy, and less contained. For instance, bread, Fruits(Banana is a great option). Also, do avoid fried and processed food at all costs!
  • Water: Drink water and keep yourself at all times, nauseated or not. Water is a must in pregnancy, post-pregnancy, pre-pregnancy, and otherwise. Drinking cold water can help your upset stomach.


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4. Leg Cramps At Night & Throughout.

You can witness leg cramps in your 2nd and third trimesters. Given your weight, leg cramps are inevitable. Make sure you are not straining yourself into chores. One of the major reasons for leg cramps is insufficient blood flow. Don’t overdo work that might strain your legs.

Legs cramps are also a result of dehydration, deficiency of potassium, magnesium, and calcium. You are planning on taking vitamins and medicines/supplement, make sure you consult your doctor first and forehand.

Leg Cramps Hack #4

  • Hydrate Your Body: Your body needs water, pregnant or otherwise. Dehydration can cause major leg cramps. To avoid these cramps, hydrate your body at all costs. Drink water and do not avoid your body water demand!
  • Drink Electrolyte and fruit juices: Drinking too much water can get icky. You can substitute water with electrolyte and fruit juices! Go for all-natural or less processed fruit juices.
  • Potassium, magnesium, calcium diet: Enrich your body with potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Insufficiency of these elements can cause leg cramps. To avoid leg cramps, eat more potassium, calcium, magnesium-rich foods.
  • These foods include banana, avocado, green vegetables, sweet potatoes, etc!



5. Variety Food Pregnancy Hacks #5

You never know what your moody hormones will crave for! stock up on different foods with different tastes and flavors. Spicy, Sweet, Sour, traditional, international. Ready to eat snacks.

Trust me, food cravings are real and would make you go non-vegetarian from vegan. I ain’t lying! Even the worst food will be dear to you. So, keep up with the variety.

Also, alongside, keep your nighttime snacks ready with snacks, fruits, chocolates, whatnot. Having food that satisfies your need at the hour can actually soothe your mood swings and give you real satisfaction!

I’d say keep chocolates but also keep instant spiced noodles. Pickles but also cake. variety to please your cravings!

6. Remote Control In Your Phone-Pregnancy hacks #6

Even the smallest of things can trigger you into deadpan mood swings. pregnancy should be the time where you relax more and stressless. Keep Everything that entertains you close to you.

Why the TV remote? That thing vanishes in another dimension whenever you look for it. Having your TV to operate through your phone might sound a bit exaggerated but it will save the day.

You don’t have to stand up every time to find the remote. You don’t need to change the cells, etc.

With that said, keep a charging unit close to you. You don’t want to stand or move, trust me. Is it just me who finds this hack super necessary? My apologies.

7.  Tongs & Claw Grabber For Kitchen & Bathroom And Bedroom. Pregnancy Hack #7

As we established and you probably already know, bending is not an option. Of course, our family is there to always help us out. But at rare times like these when no one’s around to grab it for you, these tongs and claw grabbers will work like magic.

Tongs clutch the things you want to pick easily whether it’s in the bathroom or the kitchen. Wherein claw grabber is longer and you can use them sitting up or standing up without having to bent.

8. Bra Extenders

You will gradually increase in size and every month you’d need a different bra size. To save expense, you can buy Bra extenders. These will add extra inches to your already existing bras.

You just have to tuck these bra extenders in your bra and the deed is done.

9. Itchy Skin? Herb Oil-Pregnancy Hacks #9

As your skin stretches, you will feel itchy around your stomach and abdomen. You can tend itchiness with herb warm oil.

In India, we use traditional mustard oil along with fenugreek. If you want to try this out, heat the oil (not too hot, not too cold) and add fenugreek to it and massage the itchy area with the oil.

If you are not sure about herb oil, you can also use coconut oil or olive oil, Warm oil works better when massaging.

10. Postpartum Underpants

First, postpartum pants give you great comfort. Second, you will witness leaky urination throughout pregnancy while laughing or crying or squeaking. Postpartum underpants give coverage to your bottom and support your tummy.

Pelvic muscle exercise is also a good direction to control your bladder movement and to avoid accidents, choose postpartum underpants. Yes, you can wear postpartum underwear while being pregnant, no rule book!


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