Potty Training: How To Potty Train Your Stubborn Baby?

Toddlers are a handful when it comes to accepting new changes. Potty training is one of these new challenges for the baby and us as well. But sooner or later, we have to fight the fear and just get into the potty business.

Remember, Every baby is different and there is nothing whatsoever wrong with your baby, your methods, and your potty techniques. Everything takes time and your baby will catch up sooner or later.

Potty Training

So, for starters, do not ever compare your baby’s journey with any other kid and do not beat yourself down comparing yourself and your methods to that of others. Stay Positive!

Surprisingly, with a few tricks and literal treats, my daughter got down to the potty business in a couple of weeks. I believe her motto was to ‘be like mom’ I misused it to get her to the potty, haha.

Babies love to act like us, do what we do, speak as we speak, walk, talk, whisper. Why not potty? A positive attitude, little acting & screenplay, a potty, some of their favorite illustrations, you can get the baby to the potty!

A Thorough Run-Through For This Post

1. Problems baby face with potty training.
2. What to buy for potty training.
3. Day One Schedule for potty training
4. Potty training chart.
5. Pre-planning for the potty training.

How To Potty Train Your Baby?

When starting to potty train, do not bind yourself with a time period. Take it as slow as your baby wants it to be, forcing them into something they don’t like would eventually turn them off completely.

I have seen, read so many articles guaranteeing potty trained in a week, potty trained in a span of 3 days, even in a single day. Don’t try to beat yourself up with all these deadlines. Trusting it would frustrate you and struggle your baby nothing more.

Problems Babies Face With Potty Training.

potty Training

  • Babies can get very scared of the potty. They have their own reasonings and it pretty common and normal to be scared of the potty.
  • Can’t get a hold of the potty concept, to begin with.
  • Most of the time, they cannot easily leave their old habits.
  • Of course, being scared of the new change.
  • Regression can be caused due to dissatisfying events.
  • Stubbornness, Babies can be very stubborn and can get wild when thing not done their way.
  • New changes can distort their bowel movement.

All these problems that the babies face when it comes to potty training are very natural & normal. To have our baby use the potty, we must have them trust the potty and not be scared of it.

What To Buy For The Potty Training?

potty trainingpotty training

1. Pull-up pants: Pull-up pants are an easier version of diapers that you can use at night to avoid sleepless nights & mishaps. Unlike Diapers, pull-up pants are easy to slide down and pull up. That way, your kid won’t have to struggle with their pants.

2. Large T-shirts: It’s a good option to not use pants while potty training. You can have large t-shirts that can cover up your baby’s bottom. Some babies do not prefer being naked, you can use normal underpants to have them feel comfortable.

3. Potty Chair: There are many options in potty chairs for you to choose from. As we all know babies love to copy us. Try to get a potty chair that replicates yours. To extend that, there also come chairs that you can fit in your normal-sized toilet with a ladder.

If your baby wishes to use the real toilet, let them. Most of the time, babies love to feel big enough to have control over the situation and make a decision like elders do.

Day One Schedule For The Potty Training

With Days of Prep talk, you can get down to the main events. Before starting, tell your baby that you are going to start using the potty in a way that they will understand the most(Like Santa Claus asked me today for you to start potty training) or whatever works for your baby.

Make sure your baby is fully ready. If they show signs of resistance… do not force them into it, it will just turn them off. Also, there is going to be a lot of mess and accidents that you will have to do deal with, don’t lose your calm in these moments.

Potty training

1. No Diapers: Strict no diapers for them to not rely on the diapers. Have a large t-shirt that reaches their knees or covers their bottom if they want the ‘privacy’.

2. Talk To Them: Ask them: Every 30 minutes if they want to use the potty. It can be tedious but it’s good to have them be verbal about it.

3. Have them visit the potty every once in a while and let them sit on the potty just for the sake of it.

4. Reward them: Babies love to be rewarded and appreciated. So, appreciate them every time for every little thing. Acknowledge their efforts if not results. Don’t just reward them for the accomplishment but also reward them for trying.

5. Enticing them: Babies love to be competitive. You must have heard of Potty Training Chart. It can work as a competition for your baby and motivate them into using Potty. Further Discussion on Potty Training Chart Ahead.

6. Take Them To Shop: Shopping & choosing their own pull-up pants, their potty, their t-shirt will excite the baby to initiate potty training.

Potty Training Chart

You can DIY your own potty charts, It can be for a month or week or whatever suits you & your baby. Stick these Potty Charts in your bathroom and let your baby put on a sticker every time they use the bathroom on the unfilled circles.

With Whatever Threshold you chose, for instance,  4 sticker-filled circles will be rewarded a doll/chocolate/toy(whatever your baby likes)

Potty Training

When you DIY the chart, use the image of your baby’s favorite thing as the background. Also, let your baby choose the stickers they want to use.

Reward your baby every time they reach a new target and get them all hyped for the next bigger surprise!

Pre-Planning for the Potty Training

Now as I said, don’t throw it at your baby altogether in one go. Take it slow! Babies take time adjusting to new changes. So try to slip it into their system before going all board. Prepping your baby up for potty training can enhance their attitude towards the potty.

As we talked about the problems babies face, we can understand how important it is to talk them through their fears. We can do it in terms of what your baby likes and is comfortable in.

  • Reference With their favorite superheroes/Dolls/SuperWomen/Thing-people they like.

Babies can trust people who they are fond of very quickly. You can use up the opportunity and help them trust the potty. You can make stories like ‘Did you know Superman got awarded for his first Poo on the potty’ Or ‘Wonder woman says the best kids are those who poo on the potty.’

As childish as these tactics sound, they really do work. Referencing their favorite character will have the babies develop a positive attitude about the potty.

Potty training

  • Talk To Them.

After their trust for characters, next, they trust us with their eyes closed. So give them the positive feelings they need. You can tell them how potty once saved you from the monster or come with gullible stories your babies will believe in.

Your love, positivity and pep talk can help your baby acknowledge the potty.

  • Have Visits To The Potty With Your Baby.

To build up their trust, have your baby spend time in the bathroom or close to the potty. Do not have them use the potty but play in the bathroom with your baby with  ‘Potty as the leading character’. Have them spend more time in the bathroom to get comfortable.

You can start pre-planning potty training one month ahead or a couple of weeks if that is favorable to you & the baby. Take as long as the baby needs and until they are ready and not scared of the potty.

Pre-planning can help your baby in a lot more ways than you can think of. They will help your baby be prepared mentality and trust me it’s important!


With all these things in mind, do not forget your baby is very new to it, it’s inevitable to have sudden accidents. Do not get frustrated or get mad at your baby. Love and patience is the key.

If your baby doesn’t start to use the potty even after trying every method possible. Take a break. It is possible that your baby might not be ready for this majorly change. Give them a break of couple a weeks and then hit the road again. But in whatever situation, don’t beat yourself ever!

I tried to speak from my experience and that of mothers around me, if you have more questions that you think I can help you with, let’s talk in the comment section down below.

If there’s anything that you’d like to help others mum with, let’s get down together in the comment section down below for a mother to mother conversation. Until then,