Postpartum Essentials: 13+ Must Haves For A Faster Postpartum Recovery

The journey from getting pregnant to giving birth comprises its whole beauty into Postpartum & Postpartum Essentials. Once barely a thought is now a sweet little toothless human. Time passes by like the winter wind.

This pregnancy brings joy, sweet pain, a lot more pain, weight, a huge belly. What seemed like a long, arduous journey of being pregnant ends in the split of a second, leaving behind a beautiful soul with you.

Postpartum is everything you signed in for when you first thought of a baby. The first time you hold them in your arms, their very first giggle, the big eyes they survey with. Their first words mama & papa and the war of which came out first.

The merits of Postpartum are infinite but in this infinite and sweet time, do not forget yourself. Postpartum also withholds pregnancy recovery and parenting. Each of them — a major responsibility requiring major efforts!

That’s exactly why we came up with all its and bits asked off this period. Postpartum essentials add to the beauty of your weeks with the baby. Without a doubt, they simplify your Postpartum and directly amplify your happiness.

Postpartum Essentials You Must Have

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A mother’s dedication to this complete journey is commendable undoubtedly. We’d do anything for our little ones. But in this great deal of treasure, we must not forget to tend ourselves.

For we are an equal & the lead part of this parenting journey. It is inevitable, we’d lack in our health, self-love, self-care.

Postpartum Essential

That’s where we as mothers go the wrong hill. In whatever case, we must not forget ourselves, our need and the necessity of us in the bigger picture. Hence, these postpartum essentials for mothers for a faster recovery and self-love are just the thing for you to get into your system.

  1. Peri Bottle:

After delivery, the most undesirable situation that you’ll witness is vaginal discomfort. Let it be C-section, vaginal tearing, or even normal delivery, your vaginal area would need most of the attention.

Given the circumstances of the delivery– peeing, taking a dump, or just sitting would be the hardest task you will get to witness. Peri bottle is a must-have in the list postpartum essentials. A bottle filled with warm water designed to use after visiting the bathroom.

Normally pressured water can hurt your perineum, peri bottle gives you a decent squeeze of warm water that can comfort your vagina. There are many types of peri bottles but I’d like you to choose one that’s upside down for better functioning and flow of water.

2. Sitz Bath:

Next to Peri bottle, Sitz bath would be one of the postpartum essentials you wouldn’t want to get over! I can’t emphasize this enough. With the bulk of stitches or just stretched perineum, Sitz bath can comfort you for as long as you call for.

Sitz bath is quite simple, it’s specially designed to treat your perineum. You can either use a normal bathing tub or sit tub designed to fit in the commode. I prefer having a sitz bath in the normal-sized tub, it helps you heal your perineum as well as helps in relaxing your body.

You can fill in your sit bath with warm water and whatever herbs you’d prefer. Some Indian Ayurvedic soothing herbs are Tulsi, Neem, Ginger. Soak your body completely in the warm water and make sure your perineum is completely submerged, too.

Relax in their for half an hour or so according to your needs.

3. Stool Softener — Major Postpartum essentials:

You don’t know how much you need this postpartum essential. After delivery, especially with Cesarean/Epidural or Tears, you’d most probably won’t be in touch with your perineum muscles.

That being said, taking a dump would be the hardest business you’d get down to. Retrospect, you can neither strain nor push too hard in order to protect your perineum if stitched or torn.

Stool Softener helps you sort these barriers with ease. You should get a recommendation from your Lactational specialist or gynecologist for the softener that won’t alter your breast milk supply.

4. Maxi Pads:

After delivery, you will have vaginal discharge for max 6 weeks. This discharge is called Lochia consisting of blood, mucus, and tissues. Post-delivery, I advise you to not use tampons but instead maxi pads covering the whole of your perineum and bottom.

With Maxi Pads, you wouldn’t have to worry about leakage or spoiled clothes! Maxi cooling pads can also be prepared home-made with witch hazel. Witch hazel works like magic when it comes to soothing perineum.

Just a few drops of witch hazel, you can use it right after you prepare it or can freeze it.

5. XXL Underwear:

Trust me, XXL underpants are the new sexy. Do not opt for panties or sexy lingerie after you are done with your delivery. Tight underpants can prolong your recovery period and hurt you in the process.

With your Perineum not intact, your stool a mess — it is given to embrace your bottom with whatever you have.

Disposable Postpartum Underpants are a great deal of postpartum essential when one doesn’t want the headache of leakage or pads. These underpants soak up pretty well without giving a hint of diapers.

6. Lanolin Cream/nursing cream:

Dried and cracked nipples are inevitable with continuous suckling down onto the breasts. These can literally announce discomfort and at times painful disclosures.

Lanolin cream helps you heal cracked and scaly nipples within a few dosages of the application. This ointment is a thick composition specially made for irritated skin.

Note: This cream must be used only on cracked/itchy/scaly skin. Avoid using Lanolin on normal skin type. Consult your gynecologist before using this postpartum essential.

Some mothers prefer organic/natural nipple creams for all the good and obvious reasons. You always have the option to go completely natural with your own breast milk which works like a wonder when healing nipples.

Other than that, you can reassure your cracked nipple with olive oil or coconut oil. There are many brands that come up with all-natural, lanolin-free products — Mamaearth, The mama love and many more!

7. Booby Tubes:

Booby Tubes are widely known for their heating/cooling quality. They work like a shield for your sore breasts and nipples. Secondly, Booby Tubes can be used either way — as heating pads or as the cooling pads whichever you prefer.


Furthermore, Breasts are a necessity in your pregnant/postpartum journey and otherwise, it is important to provide them the comfort they deserve. The world wants breasts and we shall thrive for it.

These tubes also help you with clogged ducts and help initiate good blood flow into your breasts keeping them nourished.

8. Nursing Bras/Tanks — A wonder in the Postpartum Essentials List:

Freely speaking, my ideal comfortable position would be no clothes at all. Stomping down the bed with your baby and no clothes is everything I aspired as a mother.

Speaking of which, Nursing bras come very handy while feeding the baby or otherwise. It provides hooks on both the breasts to unfold the bra in the front without having to struggle down the wholesome old school method.

Accompanied with nursing bras, nursing tanks serve the same purpose. They unhook in the front and let you have access to easier clothes and easier feeding.

9. Nursing Pads:

While breastfeeding, leakage, and dirtying your clothes in the process is pretty common. Needless to say, the discomfort and wastage are not very giving.

These nursing pads help you keep your clothes and yourself clean! They are disposable and come handy with sudden leakage, outburst, or even baby burps!

You can also opt for natural, organic, reusable pads. They save you from harsh chemicals and provide cotton soft touch. You can DIY your own cotton, reusable/disposable pads. Make sure you use soft fabric that is gentle on your skin.

10. Nipple Shield:

Nipple shield helps babies to latch when they are unable to do it properly. Usually, at the start, breastfeeding and latching can be hard for both, the mother and the baby.

Postpartum essentials

In addition to that, flat nipples in mothers and tongue ties amongst babies can be a problem while feeding the baby.

This Nipple shield helps initiate a good latch and milk secretion for mothers with flat nipples. Stuff your postpartum bag with the Nipple shield to initiate a good latch and bonding with the baby.

11. Donut Cushions — The Most Comfortable Postpartum Essentials:

Sitting is going to be miserable no matter what position you choose it to be. Especially when you had a major case of tearing or Cesarean. This Donut Cushion helps your bottom to adjust a better position while sitting.

I suggest to always surround yourself with not just donut cushion but cushions in general to avoid back pain or body pain. Also to remember, carry your cushion while traveling as well. You never know when you’d have to sit.

Comfortable access to sitting will not just help you with a sore body but will also help you decide a better breastfeeding position for a better latch!

12. Medicinal Approach:

Sore body after delivery is the most common discomfort a mother would have to go through. Sometimes, it’s avoidable. Other times it can be a major pain in the Azz.

The Medicinal approach recommended by your gynecologist can help you fight the odds of a sore body and relieve you into a better postpartum journey.

Do not take ANY OTHER medicine that wasn’t recommended or consulted by your gynecologist.  Casual intake of unprescribed medicine can further create issues with your recovery and your milk supply.

The same goes for the supplements. Do not take supplements that weren’t suggested by your gynecologist. You can get all of it through nature.

I suggest a very natural diet with all the important nutrients including — vegetables, fruits, carbs, the right amount of fat, minerals, and natural vitamins.

If you still feel the need for extra intake, consult your gynecologist before stepping on to anything.

13. Water & Fluids– Underrated Postpartum Essentials

This might sound overrated or obvious but water is a must literally in all the case scenarios. While in pregnancy, your milk supply depends majorly on your water intake. So, don’t skip a healthy water tank in order to sustain a credible milk supply!

This does not mean you have to overdo it. Eight glass of water will do just fine. Note: Do not overdo anything, just in case. This one stands on a high role in postpartum essentials!

Extra Note: Now that we have listed out the must-haves us mothers need, Let’s dive in the necessary Newborn Essentials your baby will need when they start their journey!

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When you are stocked, it’s a major duty and a need to assemble them down. Motherhood is messy and having an organized house can put you in a lot of extra pressure.

If you are looking for a way to clean up the mess and have things get to you easily, then this article is a must for you —HOW TO ORGANIZE HOME FOR A NEWBORN

14. Compression belt

Postpartum belts provide coverage to your postpartum pooch. It also holds everything together in place. If you have had incisions, compression belts protect & soothe your stitches.

Postpartum belts tighten abdominal muscles & reduce swelling. After delivery and the start of breastfeeding, your back is going to hurt the most, if you feel severe pain in your back, postpartum belts support your back and ease your postpartum & breastfeeding journey.


Stock these postpartum essentials up in gallons(kidding). It doesn’t matter if you are already a mother or are preparing to be one, it is never too late to add to the natural necessity of being a mother!

These essentials speak for a mother’s need in this very crucial, important, and beautiful time period of life. Being a mother myself, I realized how important it is to self-love & self-care. Sometimes, it’s a hard bargain but worth every ounce.

My journey as a mother made me love myself a little more. That was something very new and raw for me. Let’s get down together in the comment section down below and share the unspoken yet beautiful, little doings of this motherhood journey.  Until then,






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