Newborn Baby Essentials: 15+ Must-Haves For Your Baby

The thought that holds us all strong in this whole pregnancy journey is our babies being born. With all the hard deeds done, it is our responsibility to give the best of baby essentials to our baby.

A new life to this world and to ourselves, a gift from us, to us. The moment my baby held me and the moment long before, I knew I’d do anything in my power or otherwise to keep her safe.

Being a new mother, it’s countable to be a little or majorly lost. The literal questions are in abundance — How to start this journey? What to do with this journey? What not to do?

And once we are actually able to riddle them down. What hits us next is — how to manage it all in one go.

Postpartum Essential For The Baby

Baby management hits the harder way. We might think 2 breasts are all that we need for this run… But this postpartum journey, there is so much that we need and so little & messy time to think it out.


That’s why we came up with these 20+ baby essentials that you are going to need once you lose the count of your baby’s diapers and have to run to the supermarket.

It’s good to be already prepared for the postpartum. Rushing can be tough once the baby comes. Nevertheless, if you are already a mother, it’s not too late to stock up your baby’s essentials.

Pre-mapping of the baby essentials to have a better understanding and illustrations.


1. Breastfeeding baby essentials
2. Diapering baby essentials
3. bathing baby essentials
4. Clothing baby essentials
5. Bedding baby essentials

1. Breastfeeding essential

Breastfeeding is natural, undoubtedly but it’s delicate and requires a tremendous amount of patience. As a mother, I know the struggles of breastfeeding. It can be hard, it can be exhausting, and sometimes it can even be unbearable.

It’s natural to feel that way but it’s unnatural to bear that way. With a little up-gradation and negotiation, breastfeeding can slide like butter in our bread roll lives. Whether you are breastfeeding or have switched to bottle feeding, these baby essentials are very handy.

  • Nursing Clothes:

Nursing clothes consist of nursing bras, nursing tops, and easy-going clothes. These bras provide easier access to the breasts. You can also opt for loose clothes if bras aren’t your deal. Make sure these clothes can provide easy access anytime and anywhere.

Loose clothes are healthy for your body especially when you are breastfeeding. These loose clothes provide a better air passage, blood flow and milk flow to your breasts.

In all situations, avoid wearing tight bras or clothes, it might affect your milk flow and clog your milk ducts. In addition, you can opt for dark-colored clothes since they absorb without having the risk of stains(baby burp or sudden outburst of milk)

  • Breast Pumping Tool:

Breast pumping tools come handy when the mother starts to bottlefeed the baby. Not only this, but breast pumping tools can also come handy while you are at breastfeeding. These help you unload your milk when your baby is either unavailable or full.

There are many types of pumping tools. Depending on your situation and requirement, you can choose between manual and electric pumping.

A manual pump will also help you with massage which can relax your muscles and ducts. An electrical pump is easy to use and can initiate quicker milk flow. Keep both in your baby essentials bag, you can never know which one you’d need where.

  • Nursing pads, Baby Bibs, Muslin Clothes:

Baby burps and milk outbursts are more common than you think. Nursing pads wipe off the drops that might be on their verge of ruining your clothes.

Disposable Nursing pads can also help you wipe off the burps. If you don’t want to use nursing pads, you can always opt for Muslin clothes, they are soft in the fabric and protect your baby’s skin from rashes and irritation. Baby Bibs keep your baby’s clothes dry, just in case.

  • Nursing pillow:

Nursing Pillows help you keep the baby close to you without having to struggle with your arms and your back. It’s a C-shaped cushion that locks down on your waist.

There are many types of nursing pillows, my favorite one is breast friend nursing pillow that comes with a firm back to support your back, a firm Cushion to hold the baby close to you and a bottle holder.

  • Sterilizers and Bottle cleaning aid:

Cleanliness is very important to keep your baby clean and away from health issues. You can either opt for the manual procedures like hand cleaning. If you do not have the time for manual cleaning, electrical sterilizer can help you maintain the cleanliness.

Make sure to keep all the pumping tools, bottles, toys sterilized. That is, Sterilize them every time after use.

  • Some Extra Breastfeeding baby essential tools are Pacifier, Feeding bottle. Make sure you have a breastfeeding junction where you are comfortable and cozy.

If you haven’t set up a breastfeeding junction yet refer to These organizing tips on How To Organize Your Home For The Newborn!

2. Diapering Baby Essentials:

Babies dirty themselves in abundance. It’s actually healthy and keeping them clean after they do their business is our responsibility. Cleanliness must be our top priority to keep the baby away from infections, sickness, and diseases.

With these baby essentials, you can map out the need of the hour.

  • Diapers:

Of course, diapers will be the first on the list. These must be in abundance at your diaper changing station but before you do buy them in abundance. Make sure to choose the right type of diaper that suits your baby the best.

Try a few of the products before you finalize it. Some key factors to look for — Make sure the waistband is not too tight or too loose, It covers your baby’s bottom softly not tightly.

  • Diaper pails:

baby essentials

This is a very underrated product. It helps you keep your house clean without having to throw the diaper every time the baby dirties it. Make sure you have a diaper dispenser under the diaper changing station and close to the breastfeeding station.

This Pail collects the dirty diapers together that you can throw out later.

  • Wet Wipes:

Gentle cleansing of your baby’s bottom is necessary for healthy textured, rash-free, non-irritant skin.  It is also important to maintain hygiene around your baby and in your baby.  Wet Wipes serve us the purpose of cleaning in a gentle way.

Also to note, do not buy wet wipes that have chemical ingredients. Chemicals can increase the chances of rashes and damage your baby’s soft tushy. If you cannot find organic, chemical-free wet wipes, you can make them at home. Opt for soft cotton fabric, soak it in fresh lukewarm water and gently wipe your baby’s bottom.

Do not keep your baby’s bottom wet even after cleaning it, air dry it and then put on a rash cream. Have a good round of different products to know what suits your baby the best before landing on the one to stock up.

  • Rash Cream

Too much wetness either from dirtying the diaper or wet wipes cleaning can damage your baby’s skin or cause rashes to occur.

A creme formula can ease your baby’s skin. You can either use an organic rash cream made of all-natural products like EarthMama Bottom Balm or you can use natural ointments like coconut oil, breast milk, etc.

Do not apply rash cream when the skin is wet or moist, make sure you air dry your baby completely before putting on the ointment. Some mothers prefer Powder over creme formula to avoid moistness. You can try both to test what suits your baby and stock it up.


3. Bathing Baby Essentials

Next to diaper changing, bathing is very essential in maintaining a hygienic life. With babies at their burping and dirtying era of life, you must make sure to keep the baby clean. Newborn to not need much attention when it comes to the bath, you can just dab them with a wet cloth, dry them, and moisturize them up.

Babies grow pretty fast and so does their demand for bathing. Early bathing rituals can make your baby like cleanliness and water. These bathing baby essentials will help you easy the bathing ritual.

  • Baby Bathtub:

Normal-sized bathtubs are risky, given the chances of slipping away. We suggest you buy baby tubs according to your baby’s size, this will eradicate the chances of mishaps. Plus, your baby will be more comfortable, safe in these tubs and will be able to enjoy the waterly wonders.

If not bathtubs, kitchen sinks are perfectly fine for your baby’s size bath. You just have to have the baby sit in and wash up. In addition, there are many types of baby bathtubs to ease up your work.

There are plastic tubs that are easy to wash, foldable tubs that can help you customize some space and travel. You can choose whichever you need the most.

  • Soap & Shampoos:

Baby skin is very delicate and very different from that of ours. The first thing we must not use on our baby’s skin our products. The chemicals in these products have a harsh effect on gentle skin. Consult your doctor before choosing the right soap and shampoo for your baby.

Try to look for the soap with the least of chemicals, test milk products in a mild amount and then choose!

  • Massage Oil & Skin Moisturizer:

Massage is very healthy for your baby’s skin and muscles. You can massage them daily as a ritual to keep their muscles in good condition. In India, it is a tradition to massage our babies daily to maintain good blood flow and muscle health. You can use warm coconut oil, it helps heal the skin, too.

Baby essentials

Though massage oil will do the work for you. You can use moisturizer too after your baby’s bath. Either way, there is no harm using both of them together.

4. Room/Bedding Baby Essentials

Whether you plan to co-sleep or plan a room for your baby, these things are a must in both the situation. Note — Even if you do plan to Co-Sleep, do not forget to organize a room for your baby. Sooner or later, they are going to need it.

When it comes to baby sleeping alone, there are many key factors alongside these baby essentials that we will need to remember. So keep your game up.

  • A Crib and mattress:

It’s important to have a crib with firm boundaries but is not too constricting for the baby. The bedding in the crib must be firm and not mushy. There is a high probability of babies strangling themselves in loose bedding. So at all costs, keep the bedding firm and gripping.

Baby essentials

With that said, keep the crib clear of toys or objects that can hurt the baby. If you plan on Co-Sleeping, make sure your bed is clear for your baby. If you want to avoid co-sleeping, attach the crib to your bed for safekeeping.

Make sure the crib has a mosquito net. Also, since blankets are off the case, it is important to keep the room temperature moderate for the baby.

  • Baby Swaddler:

At an early age, babies often have startled reflexes which disturbs them mid-sleep at the loss of their mother’s protective hold. Swaddlers can help your baby avoid these reflexes. Swaddling ensures your baby is tuck warmly inside a firm yet soft blanket.

Swaddle provides your baby with a protective hold and helps them sleep longer.

  • Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are a must especially when your baby’s going to sleep in a separate room. As a mother, worrying about our babies is a constant dilemma. Baby monitor sorts this problem for us.

5. Extra Baby Essentials

  • Baby Stroller
  • Baby Gears
  • Toys
  • Car Seats
  • Humidifier
  • Medicinal Cabinet: Consult your doctor before stocking up medicines. Your doctor knows better about your baby.

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As mothers, we don’t want an inch less for our child but that doesn’t call for extra unnecessary items that will be a waste. Henceforth, we tried to enlist only items that are must need for the baby. If you have more suggestions for our new mums, do let us know in the comment section down below.

Until then,