Labor & Delivery Advice For New Mothers

On the contrary, no studies or Labor & Delivery Advice can better inform mothers what led ahead of them at times of labor & delivery. All that was read, heard, and said, disappeared when I entered my labor room. Pregnancy, labor & birth are natural but breathtaking.

Every pregnancy varies. Speaking for a single mother is unjust. Labor & giving birth were different from what I saw in the past. Nevertheless, it states your ever-so-unique birthing journey.

In this article, I want to share my knowledge in regards to Labor & Delivery Advice. So, tag along, it might comfort you as it does to me.

1. Is it Big Labor Day?

‘Water broke’ is one of the signs of the labor day but it’s not all. In fact, only 15% of women experience the gush of water. It can be in great quantity or just a small amount, close to negligible and unnoticeable. Henceforth, it’s important to keep a track of your contraction, your date, and these further symptoms,

It is your labor day if:

  • Your contractions are regular and have a close pattern. That is, they are continuous and last for 30-60 seconds each. And are all 5-10 minutes apart but getting closer.
  • Contractions don’t go even if you change your position.
  • They get stronger every time they come!
  • These contractions can start off as mild as period cramps and intensify with time.
  • You cannot move like you normally do and that’s your queue to pack bags and head to the hospital.
  • Blood show is a heavy discharge of pink/red bloody mucous. If this is in great amount, Inform your doctors.

False contractions are also a deal and it can be hard to distinguish between the two. Keep a record of the following things and look for a pattern mentioned above on a clock.

If you still have doubts and are unsure of the situation. Visit your doctors anyway. It’s better to have your doubt cleared. Doctors suggest rather have you send back for no labor than delayed entries for real labors! You can also get a predicted time to visit the hospital for the big day.

2. Real Labor And Its Stages

On the brighter side, these contractions are trumpets for your baby’s arrival, preparing your cervix to dilate. The stages of labor are early labor, active labor, second stage labor, third stage labor. 

The right knowledge gives you a heads up to what’s coming forth and preparing your mind for it. You can skip this part if you wish to, next up we will be talking about Contractions & how to cope up with them. 

  • Early labor lasts for 6-8 hours with mild contractions and Blood show. These last for 50-70 seconds each with 5-10 minutes of interval in between. Prepare yourself at this time. Pack your hospital bag, practice breathing & pushing, relax, walk in nature, and soothe yourself. 
  • Active Labor is when you head to the hospital. They last for 4-5 hours. Contractions hit you every 3 minutes and lasting for 40-50 seconds. Your cervix dilates to 6 cm and may lead to 10 cm preparing your body for the baby. You may feel the urge to push.
  • The second stage of labor is the strongest one when it comes to contractions. Nevertheless, this stage lasts only for 15 minutes to one hour. Contractions last for 1 minute+.

If you choose to suppress the pain through medication, that is epidural or any other forms, active labor is the time you should take it. These medications require a lot of paperwork to be done and can take up to hours. Plan it beforehand.

3. How To Cope-Up With Contraction & Pain

There is not a textbook or Labor & Delivery Advice ever written that can reduce your pain or contractions. I and the universe can only pass you our empathetic energy. Every pregnancy journey is different and so is every mother. It never hurts to try.

  • Rhythm with your breathing pattern:

Focus on your breathing pattern. Observe your breathing pattern, your chest rising up & falling. Closely try to listen to your heartbeat. If you fail to concentrate, count on it. 

Let go of your stiff body, loosen your wrists & fists, or any joint/ muscle that you are stressing onto. A stiff body can alter good blood circulation. If the pain seems unbearable, distract yourself into nature. Think of a steady waterfall and listen to the water trickling. Imagine a field of trees in wind and listen to leaves brushing with each other. 

You will notice, how you replicate nature, and how nature replicates you. It’s mesmerizing and calming in the delivery room. Close your eyes for better imagination. 

This practice is called meditation. Now, it may seem impossible but even one step closer can bring you immense peace at times like these. 

  • Hands & Body Relaxed

Many studies suggest, tensing your body does no good. Relax your body and unstiffen your hand and focus on breathing and your abdominal muscles. Women actually have seen a difference in their state of mind when they relaxed and unstiffened their bodies. 

  • How To Push?

Bring down your chin closer to your chest and focus on your abdominal muscles while you are at it. Choose a position that gives you the freedom to move and still provides you with upper body strength to push. 

Now, don’t tire yourself up. Take deep breathes like and push like you are blowing out a candle. It’s your choice to self-assist yourself while giving birth but if you choose to be directed by your doctors, they will help you with a pattern. 

The pattern goes as flow, take a long breath, count till 10, and let go. In light of this, studies show there is no difference in the birth process when self-assisted or directed by the doctors. You can choose either way and create a pattern yourself. Counting can also distract you from the pain. 

  • Don’t Scream But Sing.

Screaming can stress you but singing can distract you. You need to open your mouth anyway. Better sing it out! If that’s not your type. Take low deep groans rather than a bloody shrill scream. 

It’s your personal choice. Just scream out loud if that helps you. Haha! You have the liberty and all the rights by thee!

  • Music & Scents?

Studies show music & scents can turn upside down due to the immense hormonal flow. One second, this music brings you immense solace and bam the next thing, your gut hates it. It’s normal. It’s only pregnancy. My husband somehow managed into that list!

But hear me out, bringing in nature’s music with river’s flowing, trees brushing, birds chirping, waterfall and whatnot can bring you the comfort. You might not trust me but what heals better than nature.

Let it be audio and let your imagination drive the force. Now, when you are set, rhythm this harmony with your heartbeat and tune it with your breathing. You will see the pattern and it will bring you comfort.

At any point, if this starts to bother you, ask to switch off the tape, worth the try!

4. End Point

In the end, it’s your journey and you can do whatever that makes you feel better but never ever forget the bigger picture, there is a life that you create and you will cherish it for eternity!

That’s all for Labor & Delivery Advice. If you found this helpful, do share it with fellow mums. If there was an error, do correct me. Until then and that,