Breast sagging, the name gives away the idea of what breast sagging is A.K.A, your breasts leaving their position from the chest and taking a place with your stomach. Sounds awful right? Breast sagging is also known as Ptosis. 

breast sagging


I, personally am a great fan of breasts, who isn’t? Men love breasts, women love breasts and babies love breasts, too. Given this, I believe it is our national responsibility to keep them firm, juicy and fruity. Positive.

Unknown fact~ Breastfeeding isn’t the cause of breasts sagging. This one rumor is widespread among women but lacks reality. Studies have confirmed breastfeeding is not the causal factor or a factor at all in breasts sagging.

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Causes Of Breasts Sagging

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There are many factors that take us to breast sagging. The inevitable one~aging. Aging makes one lose the elasticity of skin resulting in loose ends.

Our skin’s elasticity is maintained by two major hormones(for the post) Estrogen and Collage, both provide our skin the nourishment it needs. Once we start aging, we start to lose these hormones resulting in wrinkled skin and of course breasts sagging.

  • Another contributing factor is Smoking~smoking engages in early aging which leads women to breast sagging and other problems!
  • Multiple Pregnancies & Menopause~ Both alter in many hormonal changes throughout. Multiple Pregnancies leads to multiple hormonal changes A.K.A, ordering your breast to pump up for breastfeeding and then shrinking them down once the stages are over.
  • Repetitive pumping and shrinking down can make your breast loosen their elastic nature.
  • Heavy Body/breast size~ Heavier breast mass is a prey to gravity directly resulting in breast sagging. The same goes for the Heavy body.

I have repeatedly talked about how maintaining a bodyweight will keep you off many diseases, it applies here, too. Stable the body, the more stable and firm your breasts will be.

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How to prevent your breast from Sagging down?

We talked about what causes breast sagging. Once we know the problem, we sure can find out a better solution. But we need to make sure that we sever away from factors that cause breasts sagging. Aging is one thing that we cannot escape but we always can embrace it as a beautiful journey.

1. Breastfeed as much as possible

Bringing breastfeeding first since this one is rumored the most. It is inevitable that your body would go under changes once you are pregnant. Your breasts are going to size up to accumulate more milk for the baby resulting in the bulkier breast. Try to unload them as soon as possible.

What will help you unload them? Breastfeeding! And pumping of course. If you keep the breasts loaded they are going to act upon gravity and weigh down. Breastfeeding is the antibiotic to breast sagging not the promoting factor!

  • Breast Involution

Our target is breast involution. It is a reverse process where breasts go back to their normal size once they are finished breastfeeding completely unless you are planning another baby. In breast involution, the number of milk tissues reduce down to normal level and are replaced with fatty tissues. It is a natural process.

  • Breastfeeding Positions

Breastfeeding positions give a better latch to your baby and reduce the chance of baby biting down your nipples and damaging your tissues. So make sure your baby has the right access to your breasts. It helps prevent Breast Sagging!

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2. Do Not Schedule/Skip To Prevent Breast Sagging

The breastfeeding schedule is the worst thing one would do to their milk supply and to the baby. I stand with mothers who work and have to schedule/pump or skip breastfeeding but it is advisable to breastfeed at least for 2 months if not more and steadily mix pumping to it.

Abrupt weaning/pumping and scheduling can ruin the cycle of breastfeeding resulting in low milk supply or none at all.

Intervals between breastfeeding can lead to clogged milk ducts leading to bulkier breasts and as a result surrendering to gravity. So make sure, you unload your breasts as much as possible.

If you cannot breastfeed for so and so reasons, pump out the milk but do not keep up with clogged milk ducts.


3. Breast care~Massaging and nourishing.

Massaging does wonders for the body and it’s no secret. You get one massage session done and there is new hope in the world. Massaging your breasts ease-out clogged milk ducts and the breasts itself and many other breast concerns.

So massage your breasts often, it gives a firm yield to elasticity. While you are at it, keep your breasts moisturized from inside and out.

From outside, moisture your breasts often, it gives your skin great structure and strength. From the inside, keep yourself hydrated with water and juices, it will eventually keep your skin hydrated and firm.

Make sure you keep a healthy track for your breasts. If you feel any kind of pain or unavoidable discomfort, visit your gynecologist the first. Never ignore signs of pain. They are never normal and should be taken care of as soon as possible.

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4. Comfortable Bras

Wrong Bra size, say too tight, too loose, the bad elastic can go wrong and accelerate breast sagging.

Pay good attention to bras while working out, a supportive sports bras hold your breasts firm and do not bounce much. But do not wear a too tight or too loose bra either.

Elastic bands in clothes or on the body can have a very bad effect on your body. So do not wear clothes that bring you discomfort and boycott them, mama!

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5. Supplements To Prevent Breast Sagging!

Supplements shouldn’t be taken without your gynecologist’s prescription. I repeat, do not take supplements without your doctor suggesting it, supplements can have a severe effect on your body. These supplements can alter your well being.

Some of the supplements that help with estrogen and Collagen are Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Omega 3, Zinc, phytoestrogen, etc. All these supplements nourish your skin and provide you with Collagen and Estrogen.

If supplements are not your thing, you can always get all these vitamins through healthy vegetables, fruits, and diet! Apart from diet, you can exercise and do yoga to maintain healthy body weight. Healthy choices will lead you to healthier living.

But always remember to not overdo anything. Losing weight isn’t our goal but keeping it on a healthy level is. Remember you are feeding a child you need to maintain positive body weight, anything less or more would create issues!

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Love yourself and love everything in you. If something is unavoidable, accept it and nurture it as a part of you. Body positivity in all forms is our motto. You have the choice to love yourself and to want things for yourself. So don’t ever let the world tell you otherwise.

We tried to enlist all the important points concerning breast sagging. If you have more to add, do let us know in the comments section down below,






September 11, 2019