Long hours in labor and finally your baby in your arms? Struggle over? There is still the hurdle of breastfeeding, messy diapers and cleaning, cooking, and loads of unorganized mess impossible to deal with. That’s why we came up with 5+ Tips on how to organize home for your newborn!

Being it our first time we sure might not be certain about many a thing but there is nothing a mother might not know. You might be new to this but your motherly instincts run deep through your pain. 

Organise Home For Newborn

There is this festival in India where we re-decor our house, painting the whole house up, cleaning every inch of the house, buying new households to welcome wealth in the house.

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Organizing~A Tradition!

With parenting and the baby in hand, We do clean the house but our first motive is to make the house baby-friendly in every essence.

From keeping all the essentials to safety. Now, what comes in the essentials would consist of everything that our baby might need, get everything double to be on the safe side.

And safety is very important, with a baby at hand we need to make sure everything is safe — not sharp, not electronic, not fused, not unhealthy… you get my point, right?

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1. Feeding Platform.

The most that you would be doing is feeding. Your baby doesn’t just ask for milk. They demand it on a 24-hour schedule and we feel blessed feeding them. Since feeding your baby indeed is a 24-hour job why not do it with peace!

A.K.A, setting a place close to a nice view to breastfeed your baby. Alongside the diaper station, this station is a must in –How to organize your home for the newborn? list!

This station must hold everything so that you don’t have to get up for every second thing. Let’s list them out, shall we? 

A nursing pillow, a diaper-changing platform, a crib, burp clothes, your breast milk pumping assets, snacks for the mother, a book(you know), or anything that entertains you.

Baby play yard helps you hold most of it. A baby play yard is a moving, entertaining, storage crib designed especially for you. If not everything then it sure can store your diaper section(diapers, rash cream bum brush, wet wipes).

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2. Diaper Changing station

As we discussed, a diaper section should be arranged close to the feeding station given the obvious situation of a baby pooping 24 hours!

I mean how are they even able to do that is a wonder but then they are quite celestial if you ask me! But there shouldn’t necessarily be a single diaper station since mishaps can happen anywhere everywhere.

I prefer one diaper station in my bedroom, one in the living room. You can set your diaper station on a small table with enough area for a diaper basket and the baby.

Items that your diaper basket must hold are diapers, wet wipes because they keep my baby’s butt rash-free, baby bum brush, water bottle, towels, rash cream.

With that said, try to cloth the table with a soft fabric and a diaper genie under the table. Make sure you always have an extra storage bin stocked with all the diaper station products that save you the time and struggle and the discomfort.

Of all things to get done, don’t ever forget to get diaper stations in your “How to organize your home for newborn” list.

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3. Storage Bins & baskets–Organize Your Home For The Newborn

It would be close to impossible to get a whole brand new furniture designed for baby storage.

I preferred these bins because… I can carry them with me where they are needed plus we can have them in all the rooms including the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms. It helps to organize your home for the newborn faster and cleaner!

Now, these storage bins can be used for multiple purposes. You can have a toy storage bin, extra diaper storage bin, cute little handy clothes storage bin, well keep them in abundance and just stuff them up.

How To Organise Home For Newborn

I chose pastel colored bins with lids for it to camouflage with my furniture and I tell you what, perfect blend.

I used to keep my extra sterilized pumping tools in one of these. Now, to make sure you don’t have to open every lid, label the names on the top or on the sides. Life really got easier after that, honestly… haha!

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4. Ready-To-Go Bag

This is one is my favorite, I clearly remember my struggles with my first baby. Everything was always a mess. It would take hours to do one simple work just because of the damned mess. 

I never thought we’d have to get out of the house for a change but later did I realize I’m not a vampire and we, kind of, need that Vitamin D, phew!

Anyways, if you think you have the baby gear and you are on-set, Nah-ah! That’s why I always had a hand-me-down baby bag to carry with me while going out.

Not really much to carry — few diapers, milk bottle(if not breastfeeding) burp cloths, wet wipes, baby powder, and rash cream would go good while being out with your baby. We don’t even know how much we need this one prepared on our “How to organize our home for the newborn” list!

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5. Postpartum Tools For Mother-Organize Home For The Baby

This one is by far the biggest mistake mothers make in an attempt to give all the possible attention to their baby.

We tend to forget that we are important. We have to make sure that they get everything and in order to do so, we need to keep us in check, too.

A postpartum kit usually has your post-healing products like nursing pads, lanolin, and postpartum essentials like nursing bras, maxi pads, extra-large briefs, herbs, breast pads, witch hazel, etc.

The postpartum kit is most suitable in a bathroom or a closet room. I would again repeat to have an extra bin of all the essentials stored, you never know when you get low on those comfortable briefs!

The postpartum platform is a must need in “How to Organize your home for the newborn?”

As for the Pumping kit, you can prepare a bin with all the required products(an extra stored, if you ask me) The important thing while safe-keeping the pumping kit is sterilizing it every time you use it and drying them nicely like a baby.

Kidding. You can use cleaning tools to clean the items especially the bottles, hard to clean, aren’t they?

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6. Sleeping Essentials On How To Get Your Baby To Sleep!

  • Night lights:

Your baby demands milk at any hour. They don’t look at the watch and plan their cruel mission.

Nonetheless, when your baby does demand milk at night… switching on room lights would disturb the baby’s sleep completely.

Hence, get night lights, they are dim but enough lit to look through the house.

  • Sound Machine:

There are certain types of colors and sounds that ease down the baby and relax them which further helps them to sleep peacefully without disturbance.

Also, once your baby starts easing out with the sound of the sound machine. Sleeping at the correct hour would actually be possible. Say, the sound machine would induce an automatic schedule for the baby.

  • Humidifier:

A humidifier helps the baby to fight congestion and provides them protection from chapped skin. Humidifier adds moisture to the dry air surrounding the room.

Dry air is bad for your baby since it can cause quite a mishap. Humidifier also helps the baby to sleep soundlessly since it provides them healthy air.

  • Baby bathtub:

Normal bathtubs are risky since your baby can easily slip in one of those. Try and get baby bathtubs, the small size protects the baby from slipping away.

You can use these bathtubs in your actual large size bathtubs and then store it in the bathroom closet. If not either, your kitchen sink is perfect for your baby’s size. 

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We tried to list out all the essentials that are required for the big day. There are many a time that I didn’t add here, given I wanted to point out what matters at the initial age. If you have more to add, do let us know in the comment section down below! Until then,