Take my note on sleepless nights, you would never want them. Ever. One night is a baby charm but the minute you skip yet another night, you would know exactly how doomed you actually are. That’s when I started digging~how to get my baby to sleep?


Jokes apart, it is very important for the baby to have proper sleep, meals, and playtime. Neither of them must be skipped or avoided. In fact, babies need 15 max hours of sleep per day.  So, buckle up you have a long ride in order to get your baby to sleep longer stretches!

Before we go any further, baby sleeping at night doesn’t mean sleeping through the night but having long stretches of 5-6 hours of undisturbed sleep. So if you have worked to 6 hours of your baby’s sleep, reward yourself, throw a party!

As I mentioned, babies sleep 16 hours max from birth until they are 4 months old but of course in stretches. Once they are 4 months old, they start sleeping 10-12 hours max!

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Baby Won’t Sleep & You can’t sleep?

To be honest, I did read a lot and not too late did I get the magical answer to my baby’s sleeping hours. It can take a little while for the babies to adjust but never too late.

Before I begin, note down — every baby is different and so shall they need different slavery from their parents, haha! Do not go too hard on yourself or the baby. Taking it slow is the best phrase as of now. 

1. Swaddling.

Swaddling is a certified way to get your baby to sleep better. Before we get started on how it works, let’s know what swaddling is.

Swaddling is wrapping your baby up in a soft blanket when sleeping. It involves tucking in the hands, legs and the whole body of your baby inside the blanket. Babies need a sense of security, the minute they sense no support they would startle themselves up out of fear.

This abrupt waking up of a child is called ‘startle reflex’. These startling reflexes disturb your baby’s sleep quite a lot throughout the night which can become a problem since once disturbed, it can be hard to get them back to sleep.

Startle reflexes can really ruin the whole ‘How to get your baby to sleep?’ These startling reflexes can be avoided with the help of swaddling. Swaddling gives your child a feel of support. 

You can swaddle your baby manually or there are many ready-made swaddles wears, you just have to put your baby in and zip up. Studies show swaddling has helped babies sleep longer since their sleep is no longer disturbed due to uncalled reflexes.

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2. Dream feed~Effective Way To Get Your Baby To Sleep!

Startled Reflexes are not the only thing that disturbs the baby. Hungry stomach or a dirty diaper too can get your baby to wake up and cry, yell, scream, imagine everything being done together, good!

As for an empty stomach, babies who go to sleep without a feed would eventually wake up before the due time. The key point is to feed your baby every time they go to sleep to keep them full — no hungry stomach, no wake-up calls!

This, in the parenting world, is called ‘Dream Feeding’. The first way on How to get your baby to sleep is through their stomach! 

3. Diaper Strategies~How To Get Your Baby To Sleep?

If they are well fed, they soon are going to dirty the diaper and that again would disturb their sleep. The best way to avoid this situation is to get the diaper changed before all the mishaps happen. 

Changing diapers when they are wide awake will add to their disturbed sleep. Hence, don’t wait until the baby wakes up by soaking it down. Do it beforehand. 

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep

In this case, the real job is to do it without disturbing the baby. Go steady, keep patting your baby so that their minds are distracted into a deep sleep and that’s your way to changing. You can try your own unique ways to change a diaper(do share with us, tho!)

You can change the diaper twice in the night or just in once would do the trick.

4. The more tired, the better sleep.

Have you ever had those sweet sleep nights? One where you forget all the deeds of the world and you dream of food and stuff. Happens with me when I’m batshit tired of work. I guess, this works for everyone. You slump down in your bed and drift away. This is the key to get our baby to sleep longer!


You can tire your baby up by playing with them. Babies love playing, mine loved playing! Try to play with them once in a while for a change. Babies love playing with us!

Getting over the board but true, the tired babies are, the better and longer sleeping stretches they will have. Only remember not to overdo it.

This brings us a sequence — play, feed, and sleep. Playing would make them hungry, feed them and there they go into their deep purr slumber.

5. Habit Calls

I don’t start my day without that one cup of tea or 2 or three, okay five. It is like a habit. I would be grouchy until I get my tea. I mean I usually am grouchy throughout the day but a little less with few cups of tea, kidding! 

Or my dark secret — not watching Netflix without snacks or not eating snacks without Netflix. C’mon, you must have something similar and weird. But yes, anyways, you can schedule something like that for your babies too.

One we already have, play, feed & sleep. Try out smaller habits like… scheduling their sleep with a lullaby. 5 days of schedule and they certainly would make a habit out of it. 

You can invent your own ideas and share them with us. Lullaby will work well since it already makes an individual drowsy. You can also try patting or soft music or anything that works for your baby. One of the best ways to get your baby to sleep longer stretches!

6. Soft Setting~How To Get Your Baby To Sleep?

Sometimes, setting a mood can help a lot. Like a warm bath with candles works like magic for me. Same goes with a negative setting like bright light or totally dimmed room, discomforting blankets or bedding, loud backgrounds.

You can create a soothing set for the baby with good firm bedding, soft night lights, no loud backgrounds! You can also use soft music, studies show white noise music helps babies a lot while sleeping.

Try to eradicate stuff that irritates your baby and don’t change the setting if your baby has gotten used to it since it might alter his sleeping habits. A serene setting really gets your baby to sleep longer stretches!

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Give these tips a month time and you will flourish and grow with the sleep you and your baby will be getting.

We have tried to point out what helped my baby out if you have more tips that help us do share with us in the comment section down below. Until then,


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