Remember the times when getting pregnant faster was easier in high school being said by our parents and teachers… Yea, not so very true when we are actually trying it, Ikr! There are factors required in order to get pregnant faster and high school pom-pom isn’t one of them.

Pregnancy Knowledge--First Call

But experiences apart, as I speak of it — there are many factors that are required in order to get pregnant faster. Your menstrual cycle, your health, your partner’s health, you and your partner’s physical conditions to conceive, fertile nature.

If you are trying for quite a lot of time, better get yourself and your husband medically checked with a good gynecologist. It might be the wrongly calculated ovulating date or some other fertility issue.

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Do Not Follow The Myths

Now, before I start, I would want to clear out the myths that go around in order to get pregnant faster — you won’t get pregnant just because you have switched your diet.

It sure would keep you healthy but won’t increase your fertility or your chances to get pregnant faster.

So, please don’t devour into myths of getting fertile through illogical ways. This post doesn’t promote any of the fake myths that might give you false hopes but information and information.

This post doesn’t promote myths of fertility miracles but advising you the majors in order to have all the knowledge about yourself and getting pregnant faster. Shall we begin?

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1. Menstrual Cycle

Knowing your menstrual cycle helps a lot in knowing when is the correct time for you to conceive. The cycle repeats every month, starting with your periods, say day 1.

Your periods continue for 5-8 days max!

Get Pregnant Faster

Menstrual bleeding is the outcome of your uterine wall breakdown prepared for a possible pregnancy. Since the egg doesn’t fertilize, the wall breaks down resulting in menstruation. That’s considered the start of your menstrual cycle — Day 1.

With your periods gone, your body again starts building up that wall for another possible pregnancy.

Once the uterine wall is enriched with blood and nutrients, huzzah — your body is ready to conceive again. This is on the 14th day from your periods to date, ovulation occurs.

  • 14th Day — Ovulation Day

The date is your best shot to get pregnant faster. Egg waits for sperms to fuse with in order to proceed further.

The ovulation phase usually stays for 12 to 48 hours with the more accurate probability of getting pregnant faster but it can potentially stay up to 7 days or max 10.

If given the sperm, the egg fertilizes and moves to the uterus for the implantation, A.K.A, baby formation.

The rest is a story and you don’t have to know it. Enough Biology I believe, haha. But if I were to give my best shot — 14th and 15th day of your menstrual cycle. 

  • Recalling it,
  • Day 1st — Period — Day 8
  • 8th Day — Uterine wall building up
  • Day 14th — OVULATION
  • 25th Day — the story you don’t need to know. 

There now comes the ovulation prediction kit. Do the maths, know the 14th date and be assured if you are ovulating or not with this kit.

It also suggests you when to have intercourse for the perfect timing. It’s advisable to check before the 14th day just to be sure. So, my mamas… prepare your chart and make sure you are on board!

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  • Have More & More SEXX!!

Sperms inside a Vagina stay active for max a week. Try giving Sex a shot even when you are not ovulating, by that I mean–2-3 days from ovulation. That way, your sperm would stay active for complete 5-6 days, you might ovulate in between the trials and get pregnant. 

Since we are never certain exactly when are we ovulating and if we are anywhere close to it, keep having sex and keep checking for ovulation with the ovulation kit!

Get Pregnant Faster

2. Prepare Your Body For Getting Pregnant Faster.

You cannot have a healthy baby if you are not healthy, to begin with. Same way, to provide the egg right environment, you must keep the uterus healthy and nutrients full.

An unhealthy lifestyle can decrease the chances of getting pregnant faster or in general, unhealthy lifestyle results in many diseases, per se. I have mentioned it many a time, how healthy choices can lead to a healthy life and it is very important.

  • Healthy diet:

Now, a healthy diet may not escalate your fertility or produce it from the start but it sure works as a catalyst A.K.A, giving your body the right environment. Some of the food that you can add up in your diet — zinc enriched food, low carbs, high fat organic dairy, prenatal vitamins, etc.

All these nutrients help keep your uterus and your body in a healthy environment for the baby to come.

What to cut out: caffeine, trans fat, proteins from meat, soda, low-fat dairy, alcohol, smoking, etc.

Drinking has far more chances of infertility than one can think of. It leads to many reproduction issues, for instance, premature ejaculation, sperm count, sperm motility, and many others

  • Exercising

Having the right weight while trying to get pregnant faster is very necessary. Obesity can lead to issues like PCOS, Miscarriage, developmental problems, etc.

Try to Exercise every day. Of course, do not go to the gym or carry weight but just a couple minutes of brisk walking, simple yoga and etc. If you are obese, try to first get into a healthy weight and then go for a healthy pregnancy.

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3. Myths About Getting Pregnant Faster

Sex Positions get us Pregnant Fast — False.

Some of the positions might facilitate a better passage for the sperms to have better access but they don’t give certain pregnancy results. You can try different positions while having sex which is totally your call but they do not solely get you impregnated.

On the contrary, specialists recommend to lay down for 15 minutes after Sex, it doesn’t let the sperm out, just in case. Hence, it is advisable to not have sex standing up, it might result in the loss of semen, half or completely.

Prenatal vitamins & Folic acid Increase Fertility — False.

Both of them have nothing to do with fertility and everything to do with enriching the body with nutrients required for the baby and the body.

Doctors advise the intake of Prenatal vitamins before the pregnancy to ensure the body has all the wanted vitamins for a possible pregnancy.

The same goes for folic acid, it helps in the development of the baby and eradicates the chances of neural tube defect(under development or brain, nervous system, and stuff)

Tight Boxer, Lubricants, no orgasm — Yada Yada Yada! Most of these precautions are stupid and baseless, try not to stress yourself out thinking about it because I don’t know about Lubricants but stress does affect your body badly!

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4. Stop Taking Birth Controlling Pills:

Of course, you know about this one but stop taking pills a few months from trying, just to be sure. One month won’t do it. If you stop taking pills a few months from trying, your body would get rid of the hormonal changes and effects that the pills have on it. 

Your ovulation cycle needs at least 2-3 months to get back on track. So, exclude contraceptive pills.

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5. Consult A Doctor–If not getting Pregnant Faster

Worry not if you don’t get pregnant faster even after trying everything. Consult a good gynecologist and get a complete check-up.  Your gynecologist can tell more about what’s happening with your body and what you can do in order to get pregnant faster. 

The keyline is don’t be sad over something that is not in your hands, things would work for you just the way they were supposed to. There is always something better waiting for you. So take a deep breath and everything would be fine.

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I believe in killing out all the myths most of the time but if I did miss out on something, do let me know in the comment section down below. Your experience helps and supports other women and mothers out there, do not miss out the opportunity and share it with us!

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