Going back in time and picturing your little devil snuggled to you is something we mothers do on a daily note.

The truth is, it wasn’t a one day mission–like you thought of having a baby and BAM–Next day you have the baby. It was a well-planned mission that you signed in for, the beautiful end result — your baby. Hereafter, embrace the first week with your baby because it’s worth it! 

We planned for a beautiful soul, read all the pregnancy books, blogs, kept it safe in our womb for nine months. Dealt with the mood swings, taste swings, went through contractions, labor, pushing, then a lot pushing and a little more pushing, sometimes epidural and Post-pae=rtum hassles!

Easier said than done — but what keeps mothers going is that little image of their babies holding their mum’s fingers with their XS small hands! It’s worth it. Believe me, when I say this, the first week with your baby isn’t as tough as the world makes it seem.

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You Are A SuperMom

Motherhood is a new phase in one’s life, a completely new direction. And new changes can be overwhelming but change is good!

Some of the perks of having a baby are — going complete hysteric, self-questioning your capabilities as a mother and taking your bets on books, gossips and lot more!

Nobody knows what’s best for the baby except for the mother! So don’t fret, your first week with the baby would be just fine! Mothers know much more than any of us out here, just erase those falsely put fear and live up like a mother you always have been, it’s an innate thing. It is called ‘Mamta’ in Hindi.

1. Bond-e-motherhood–First Week With Your Baby!

The following weeks, initiating a bond between you and your baby through… diaper changing, feeding, snuggling, more diaper changing, more feeding is your first ticket to motherhood.

Jokes apart, the world is new to your baby and they will try to figure it out on the detective Sherlock level. They will try to memorize your voice, the view, smell, and, touch. Your baby will know you through your voice, your aura, your touch… soon after would start trusting you.

First week with the baby

Trust is very important for the baby to get adjusted in the new environment, try to give your baby a soft environment, speak softly, don’t fight, touch gently, bathe the baby gently, snuggle, feed gently.

2. Understanding Yourself & the Baby.

So, the first step is to let go of what others think and what’s their opinion. You can take the knowledge from them but other’s experiences and POVs differ and will leave you in the middle of nowhere.

Try to take the necessary info and say goodbye to the rest of the confusion.

Don’t let others opinions bother you, understand yourself and the baby because you already have it in you. You make a good mama with or without their opinions.

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Self Care

I’m certain, you have already decided on a pattern that works for you both partners. It is still quite a dilemma to cover up all your needs.

Speaking as a mother, what we do badly need is sleep and rest, unpopular opinions: nutrition for ourself and for the health of the baby since they are feeding upon you. 

first week with your baby

I have mentioned this a lot, we need to make sure that we take care of ourselves, too and do not forget our individuality!

3. Body Has Its Limits–Embrace The First Week With Your Baby!

We are all super moms! But tell you what, super-duper people need food and rest, too. As we discussed above, our health is equally important so we should try to get the best out of everything. As I like to call it ‘Ninja Techniques!’

First week with your baby

First Scenario: Breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can be lengthy. Your baby knows when to feed which is whenever they damn feel it which is 24*7!

But if we act smart we can make it easier with a few types of equipment say, nursing pillow, nice view, comforting setting, and Netflix!

In India, women would have kitty parties whilst feeding right in the middle. I, on the other hand, prefer a comforting dim light setting with pillows and pillows behind me, Netflix and my kick food!

That’s how you embrace first with your baby!

Postpartum Essential–Self Care

Nursing Pillows now come with straps to hold the baby uptight while you are walking, eating and Yada Yada Yada. So say, you can take a walk in the park while breastfeeding, can go shopping or whatsoever!

But before you do that, remember your first concern is your baby and you, let not what others think about breastfeeding in public affects you even for a split second! So go on, mamas! You have got this.

Said that babies love to sleep with nipples in their mouth, lie down with your baby beside you, support yourself with pillows, not just back but legs, neck, ass… everything. ‘

Take a refreshing break from all the scary thoughts of how things are not working or times are hard, quit thinking totally just for a while, breathe in, breathe out…

Appreciate your little angel, appreciate the moment and you shall pass the first week with the baby

4. Help From Family/Husband To Survive The First Week Your Baby!

Don’t hesitate to ask your family members for help. You pushed out a watermelon, the least they can do is the minimal work.

Normally, I wouldn’t ever enjoy my work being out of my hands or not in my control.

First week with the baby

But if you see me after pregnancy, you will find me in a big shirt (or shirtless) on the bed, with pillows, eating Cheetos and watching Netflix while my family does the chores, rock my baby or cleaning the mess I and my child made.

Ask For Help If Needed

Don’t hesitate to ask your family to do work for you. Not that I was this evil, pregnancy has its perk in altering personality.

But remember, don’t ever hesitate to ask them to do things you want to be done. I know this doesn’t apply to every woman, there is work and Single motherhood.

first week with the baby

People consider Single Motherhood pitiful which head straight pisses me off. I understand the extra loads of single motherhood but people should appreciate, make them mentors not pity them! Single mothers, they are damn strong, man!

A sense of support is good, it can either be provided by a husband, in-laws or by your side of the family, too. Support is support! Sometimes, if not given by anyone, your baby is your will power enough to fight the world! Their support gives firm strength surviving the first week with your baby!

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Sometimes, mental support is more in need than manual. I believe what I did in this post was to kill the fear people put in our head.

It’s just mind games but having a baby is the most wonderful gift given to every living breathing creature. If you have more to share or construct, do let us know in the comments section down below! Until then,

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September 11, 2019