Diaper Bag Checklist: What To Pack While Travelling?

After childbirth, having a diaper station and a go-to diaper bag is a basic need. While you’d need diaper stations at the home right after childbirth in every corner. Diaper Bag will come handy while traveling outside with your baby. Diaper bag essentials include everything from diapers to rash cream to a complete diaper bag checklist. 

Organizing a diaper bag is tricky. You don’t want to stuff too much and you don’t want to leave any essential behind. In this post, we will help you with a minimal diaper bag checklist to ease your time out with your kid.

Why do you need a diaper bag? Even if you change your baby’s diaper right before stepping outside, mishaps happen everywhere, anytime. It’s better to be well prepared because with babies you never know what happens next.

Diaper Bag Checklist. What To Pack In Your Bag?

1. Diaper Bag

You cannot just stuff diaper bag essentials in your own purse no matter how big that is. You’d need a diaper bag to organize everything properly. Diaper bags come with many compartments allowing you the space to put everything inside accordingly.

Diaper bags save you from purse mess, and you won’t need to empty the whole purse just to find the rash cream that you lost inside the bag.

A motherly diaper bag is a great choice for a diaper bag. The front pocket allows you to carry three milk bottles. Making it a diaper/nursing bag. The inside of this bag has mesh compartments to accommodate different diaper bag essentials.

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2. Diapers

I have seen mothers forget diapers all the time. Of course, Diapers are the most essential part of this diaper bag checklist. Do you have the right diaper? Choosing the right diaper for your baby can be time-consuming. Hence, it’s always advised to try different diapers before choosing the right one for your baby.

Why? You need to find the diaper that best suits your baby in terms of fabric and elastic, it should be soft and comfortable on your baby’s skin. Carry 2/3 diapers just in case!

Diaper Bag Checklist

Despite the big brand name trend, The Supples gives the best customer service and best customer experience. It absorbs better, the fabric is soft on baby skin and comes with 3 layer water protection. You should give this diaper a try.

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3. Disposable diaper sacks.

You won’t have diaper pail to dump the dirty diapers. Disposing the dirty diaper into a normal dustbin is awful in my opinion because normal dustbins cannot lock the odor of the diaper.

Disposable diaper sacks are a great choice while traveling outside. It locks odor and also has a great scent to cover the odor.

It’s easy to carry and use. It looks like a polybag but does more than that. You can simply take one out, toss the dirty diaper inside, tie it tight, and throw it in the dustbin without having the fear of odor. Modern problems need a modern solution!

Diaper bag Checklist

Sassy diapers sacks are a great choice while looking for disposable bags. They not only locks the odor inside but also locks up the wetness. Sassy sacks also shut the soiled diaper bacteria inside. It has a baby powder smell. One of the major essentials in your diaper bag checklist. Get it now!

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3. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are another Diaper bag essential in your diaper bag checklist. Once your baby does the business, you’d need wet wipes to clean up the mess. Just like diapers, check different brands before choosing the one for you. Look out for allergies, rashes when using a wet wipe.

If your baby doesn’t like the feel or this certain brand is itchy, causes rashes, isn’t soft on your baby’s skin, change it! Hence it’s always recommended to try different brands before buying in stock.

Diaper bag Checklist

Another best product of supples is its wet wipes. customers broadly phrase supples’s quality. SUpples Wet Wipes are soft and thick at the same time. Hence, they don’t tear apart easily. They also come with a great scent and are soft on your baby’s skin. You can also use this to wipe your hands.

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4. Small Towels.

Carry 1/2 small towels to wipe your baby before putting on the rash cream or rash powder. Make sure the towels are soft on your baby’s skin and only use them gently.

Why 2 small towels? One for your baby’s bump and another for you. If it’s too bothersome to carry 2 towels together, just carry one. But keep it for your baby’s bump only, don’t use it for yourself. An important item in your diaper bag checklist!

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5. Rash Cream & Rash Powder.

Some mothers prefer essential oils after changing the diaper. You can make your own essential. All you need is a baby body oil, mix it with powdered herbs. If you don’t prefer herbs, plan oil will do, too. Seal it in a travel-friendly bottle that is easy to carry and store.

Rash cream is another great option to keep your baby’s skin soft and rash free. Mom Co. Baby rash cream works great on rashes. If your baby has rashes, Mom Co. rash cream is the best option for you. Its consistency is good and the scent is natural. It’s easy to apply, just take a small amount of rash cream and apply a thin layer of it before putting on the diaper.

Carry Travel-friendly small size bottles. Always stock small size bottles for travel purposes. If they don’t come in small sizes. It’s better to buy small bottles to carry these ointments.

If you prefer rash powder, Johansson’s baby powder works great. Don’t forget to add this in your diaper bag checklist.

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6. Changing Mat

Although many diaper bags come with a changing mat, you can get yourself one for a better size. It can be bothersome to fit a changing mat in your diaper bag. Get yourself a foldable changing mat, you can just fold it and stuff it in one of the mesh compartments of your diaper bag.

You don’t have to buy an expensive changing mat for traveling purposes. The Newnik Cozy Mat is cheap and easy to use. You can easily fold it and put it in your diaper bag. These mats are reusable, absorbable, and waterproof.

7. Apron, Disposable Gloves

You don’t want your clothes to get dirty while changing the diaper. Carry a thin apron to use while changing. Make sure you don’t buy an expensive apron while traveling outside.

J Home White apron is cheap and easy to wash. It also comes with pockets that you can use to keep rash cream/ointment while changing the diaper. You can easily fold these aprons and keep it in your diaper bag. If you want, you can also carry a disposable gloves while changing the diaper.

8. Hand Sanitizer.

It is a must in your diaper bag checklist. Maintaining hygiene should be your very first priority. Being hygienic keeps your baby and yourself clean and away from diseases. Always carry a pocket-friendly hand sanitizer.

9. Formula/milk bottles.

The diaper bag has a capacity of max 3 milk bottles. This storage area reduces your hectic for another nursing bag.

10. Extra pair of clothes.

Mishaps happen all the time! If your baby accidentally soils the clothes, carry an extra pair always. Make sure, they are weather friendly. Pack minimal clothes for summers, a small t-shirt, and summer pants. In winters, try not to dirty your baby’s clothes, hence carry burp cloths, bibs always.