I mentioned in one of my posts, how we tend to forget the postpartum healing Therapy amidst the labor/tearing/delivery pain.

It’s under-rated yet so very important. What we categorize the most difficult when it comes to pregnancy is giving birth which in fact it is but so is prepartum and postpartum. And hence we have come up with these Top 5 Breastfeeding Hacks that would help you get through postpartum with a little ease at hand! 


I’m not going to delve into the postpartum wholly in this post but yes the biggest understatement of postpartum is breastfeeding. Easier said than done! Breastfeeding might seem easy but has its own complexity. Don’t fret, these breastfeeding hacks are going to put you at ease.

Breastfeeding–A Complex Art!

Breastfeeding has many a problem and not producing enough milk is one biggest that has led many mothers in the dark depression! Followed by back pain, the problem with latching, clogged duct, overflow and there are nth-number of problems. Some can be treated by consulting a good lactational specialist and some we can hack out by ourselves.

Disclaimer: Problems like less milk production, clogged ducts should first get consulted by your gynecologist and lactation consultant before we move further with this. Don’t try any home-made, book-read tips before consulting your gynecologist about it.

The means of these breastfeeding hacks is to get you comfortable, well-rested. Moving ahead, shall we dive into our breastfeeding hacks?

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1. Nursing Pillows–First Breastfeeding Hack

Damned by the back pain with all the uncomfortable positions for breastfeeding. I mean, as if postpartum pain wasn’t enough, Ikr!

The best part of you being pregnant is this era and all these types of equipment that have made every freaking thing so damn easy. One of the best Breastfeeding hacks is Nursing Pillow!

breastfeeding hacks

Not having the support to your back and thereby getting all sore is not a good sign to a healthy life.

A sore back can create some serious issues with your future body but breastfeeding is something we can just not do. That’s where we these breastfeeding hacks come handy. 

Our Savior–A Pillow!

Nursing Pillows serve that purpose for us quite well. It is a C-shaped circle that you wear on your stomach. You can lock it down on your back to hold it uptight to keep the baby close to you and to the breast.

Breastfeeding is not an hour a day job. You have to feed the baby throughout the day, say 24 hours!

Holding the baby in your hands to keep it close to you is a damned job and that’s why Nursing Pillows come to our rescue. We can use one or two breastfeeding hacks, yes?

As helpful as these pillows were they still didn’t give away the freedom to just walk around with the baby. That’s when some intelligent human-invented straps to go with the pillow.

Yes, it’s true, all you have to do is strap it down to your shoulder and huzzah you can walk around the place with no BACK PAIN! Ain’t it a breastfeeding hack?

2. Healing Sore Nipple–Second Breastfeeding Hack

Sore and cracked nipples are neither good for you nor are they good for your baby. Sore nipples are really not a good call when you have a baby suckling down to it 24*7. 

You can find them in your postpartum kit and if you do not have one, make one! Healing aid for breasts doesn’t require much.

Booby Tubes

breastfeeding hacks

First, booby tubes are organic round shields with all-natural ingredients to provide relief. These tubes can work both ways… warm or cold. When heated, baby tubes heat up the soreness and moist it up with the steam. When frozen they provide cooling comfort to your breasts. An organic breastfeeding hack!

Nursing Creams

Second, nursing cream often referred to as Lanolin is a thick paste specifically made for sore skin. Some of the mothers do not prefer Lanolin for they prefer organic stuff to heal their skin and it’s a good call, too.

That’s why our third solution is organic remedies, you can always use your own breast milk to heal your cracked skin–then there is olive oil and there are some brands who make organic creams, too.

Few are… EarthMama, Lansinoh, Mother Love!

3. Comfort Comes First–Comfort Breastfeeding hacks

Sometimes the pain is not as bothersome as the discomfort can get. I can feed a baby slumped down to my bed, legs wide apart and no clothes, haha!

First, comfort clothes; nursing bras. These are tuck-up clothes that you can button down to provide your baby the access to your breasts. With these, you don’t have to worry about taking down the whole house down(your top) for your baby to reach your nipple.

Second; nursing tanks. I’m ‘feeding my baby while being naked’ kind of mother. But we have to get out of the house once in a while and nursing bras won’t be enough for you to feed.

Hence, nursing tanks work just like the bras only this is a tank. While outdoors, you can just unbutton your bra and your top for your baby to feed properly.

4. Never Out Of Milk–Magical Breastfeeding Hack

There are times and situations that might deflect your breast supply. When you go back to work and your schedule or get a Nana, it’s inevitable that you would skip breastfeeding at times and that can lead to less milk supply when you get back to feeding. 

breastfeeding hacks

‘Let there be milk’ tonic helps you get your milk flow with just a few drops of it after a big non-feeding day. The taste might not be of your taste heck… it tastes horrible but it works phenomenally.

And if you don’t want to endure that taste, ‘Let there be milk’ also comes in capsules. I rely on this breastfeeding hack for certain.

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5. OverFlow–Save It–Save Breastfeeding Hack

I remember my days, I used to flood my house with milk. Once I would start flowing, it didn’t stop, Nah-ah, Nada, Nida! It would ruin my clothes and what a waste.

Later did I realize I can always save it and store it for later. There weren’t many means back then but now we have abundant options to save that milk.

breastfeeding hacks

Haakaa: Haakaa works like a manual suction tube. It can help you collect let down milk while feeding the baby on another.

It serves you two purposes ~ it collects your milk and while you are at it, you massage your breasts while manually helping the let down to flood out in the Haakaa. Massaging eases your breasts nerves and warm up your clogged ducts. So, massage it out, mammas!

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These are some of the Breastfeeding hacks that helped me out a lot! If you have more to share about Breastfeeding Hacks, do let me know in the comment section down below! Until then,


breastfeeding hacks