The 8 Best Baby Bottles For Babies(Newborn-Toddlers)

Whether you choose to breastfeed or formula-feed, after 6 months, you’d need a baby bottle. WHO suggests exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months after childbirth. You can start to bottle-feed your child after these 6 months. This lands us to deciding the 8 Best Baby Bottles for your baby.

If you choose to bottle-feed or formula feed your baby since the very start, having the right bottle at hand is a must. We will be discussing the best baby bottles that are budget-friendly, pump-friendly, eliminates gas/burps/colic, mimics your breasts, doesn’t allow breast confusion, etc.

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When Do You Need The Baby Bottles?

Even if you choose to exclusively breastfeed, you will need a baby bottle after 6 months or a complete year. Why? You cannot just suddenly stop breastfeeding, you have to do it in stages. First, you switch from breastfeeding to scheduled breastfeeding(after 6 months). Second, you switch to bottle-feeding to scheduled bottle feeding, and then along with bottle-feeding, you include solid foods.

Any other way around will create nipple confusion, denial, fussy behavior, colic, gas, and whatnot. It’s important to transition your baby from breast milk to bottle-feed to solid food in steps.

You need the best baby bottles when:

  • You are formula-feeding your baby.
  • It’s time you join the office back again
  • Weaning
  • Pumping
  • Traveling without your baby so that others can bottle-feed your baby
  • It’s time.
  • You need space and break from breastfeeding.

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How Many Best Baby Bottles Should You stock?

One baby bottle won’t do it for a busy household. You need to max 3-4 best baby bottles. So, if other bottles are at wash or being sterilized, you always have a spare pair.

If you are still breastfeeding and recently started to introduce bottles, stock up to 4-5 bottles, especially if you are a lazy one. But if you are not breastfeeding and completely on bottle-feeding 5-6 bottles should do the job for you.

You will find two types of baby bottles: Glass bottles and Plastic Bottles. While some parents prefer glass due to quality properties. Others prefer plastic bottles because they are lightweight and don’t break easily.

Nevertheless, there have been many new updates in the glass bottles to keep them safe, i.e., many baby glass bottles come with sleeves(rubber covers to protect it from breaking down). Plastic bottles are also now updated in terms of their quality. These plastic bottles are now BPA-free, making them safe to use.

NOTE: Don’t stock up baby bottles without a trial of your choice. Test 5-6 brands and see which one seems to fit the best for your baby in terms of shape, size, gas issues, nipple confusion, nipple choices, etc. Once you find the perfect match, only then stock on the brand. 

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Baby Bottle’s Shape, Size, Type.

Baby bottles usually come in two sizes:

  • Small sizes: The size of these bottles can differ from brand to brand. But a small-sized baby bottle usually falls between 4oz to 5 oz of volume. Small size baby bottles are usually for younger babies who feed slowly.
  • Big Bottles: These big baby bottles are double the size of small bottles, 8oz to 9 oz of volume. These bottles are designed for bigger babies who feed faster.

Nipple Size:

  • Nipples with a slow flow: Younger babies, newborns, or 6+ months babies prefer a slow flow of milk because they feed slowly. These nipples make sure your baby doesn’t overflow with milk or gaps down on it.
  • Nipple with a faster flow: For bigger babies, you can have bottles with faster flow nipples because they feed faster.

Now that we have all the knowledge about these, let’s find out which baby bottle best suits your baby and their needs. We will be listing 10 Best Baby Bottles For Your Baby in terms of nipples size, nipple type, bottle size, quality bottle, best latch, gas/colic/reflux issues, nipple confusion, etc

1. Mimijumi Baby Bottles- My Favorite Best Baby Bottles

Mimijumi Baby Bottle-Set of three bottles with an extra nipple: 80$

I, personally love this bottle because of its nipple look-alike top. Many babies refuse to silicone nipples because it slips out easily and doesn’t feel like a nipple to start with. This creates nipple confusion. If you are dealing with the same confusion, the Mimijumi Baby bottle might be the best choice for you.

I have seen many parents talk about Mimijumi’s magical ways. Their baby refused to bottle feed but the instant they were given Mimijumi, they stomped on it like a champ. You can get this either on amazon or from the Mimijumi website itself.

Of course, if you buy the product from its original website, you will get a 20% discount on the Mimijumi bottle set. I recommend you to buy this product from their original website because they have a refund policy if it doesn’t suit your taste.

2. Joovy Boob Glass Bottle.

Best Baby Bottles

Joovy Boob Diamond gift Set: 100$

A set of 2 8oz glass bottles, 3 5oz glass bottle, 1 8oz bottle sleev, 1 5oz bottle sleeve, silinoogie pacifier, preemie newborn nipple, pumpadaptor, cleaning brush, sealing caps.

Another fine brand for glass best baby bottles is Hoovy Boob Glass Bottle. Only this one’s better and more updated. This baby glass bottle comes with sleeves, A.K.A., rubber covering to protect the glass. The rubber sleeve protects the glass bottles from slips and from breaking away.

The best part of this glass bottle is its nipple. The nipple is made with bumps, cuts, and wrinkles to give the mother’s nipple-like feel to the baby. It also defines the milk flow. There are 5 sizes for Milk flow. You can choose between them considering your baby’s intake. For newborn(0-1 months), it releases one drop at a time. For babies above 5 months– 5+ drops.

Furthermore, the sleeves are silicone made and can be easily held by your baby. They come in many colors, making it look cool and cute at the same time. On top of that, these sleeves are easy to remove and slip back on, making the cleaning process easy and safe. If you prefer glass baby bottles, the Joovy Glass bottle is the one for you.

3. Munchkin latch BPA-free Bottle

Munchkin 4oz Baby Bottle-9$

This baby bottle is another fine choice. Given its name. Munchkin Latch BPA-free bottle works on a better lath for your baby. How? Munchkin’s nipple design is flexible and works just like a mother’s nipples. It stretches and allows your baby to pump on the nipple.

If your baby is fine with accepting new bottles with a silicone nipple, then this one’s for you. It also comes with an anti-colic valve that blocks the air from infusing in the milk, saving your baby from gas and burps.

It’s also cost-friendly. You can get a Munchkin Baby Bottle for 8$ only! That’s the lowest price with the best of qualities. You can order the Munchkin LATCH BPA-Free bottle from their original website itself. It’s expensive on other platforms, so make sure you get the best deal for yourself.

4. Nanobebe bottle-My favorite Best Baby Bottles

best baby bottles

A set of 3 Nanobebe Bottle: 20$

Nanobebe bottle is different from any other bottle that you must have seen. It’s making is different that you can see in the picture given above. Its thin structure warms and cools the bottle faster than any other bottle. To be precise, it warms/cools a bottle 2 minutes faster than any other bottle.

It’s another look-alike of a breast. The size of the bottle mimics the breasts, too. You can cuddle your baby in your arms and place the Nanobebe bottle in front of your breasts. Babies accept these bottles faster because it resembles the nipple and the breasts. Its size is easy to store in the refrigerator and also comes with a pump adaptor!

For its modified technology, it’s very cheap! Just for 20$, you get a pack of 3 Nanobebe bottles. Its double vent system keeps your baby away from colic. Also, this bottle is easy to dismantle and is easy to wash.

5. Dr. brown glass bottle

Best Baby Bottles

Dr. Brown Glass Bottles: 10$

Some parents prefer to give up on plastic, let it be there baby’s milk bottle. If you wish to introduce a glass bottle to your baby as well, Dr. Brown glass bottles are the best choice for you.

Similar to the Munchkin bottle, these also come with a well-defined vent system that you can change accordingly. While other baby bottles, might not have an inconvertible vent, this one has! You can remove the vent if you wish to once the baby grows up.

Dr. Brown Bottle’s nipple is also very flexible and facilitates a better latch. Also, it’s only 9.99$ per bottle for so much! Buy it from the website itself to have an easy refund/exchange.

6. MAM Newborn Gift Set

Best Baby Bottles

MAM Newborn Gift Set: 36$

2*5oz Bottles, 1-Size Zero Slow Flow Nipple, 1*bottle handle, 2*9oz bottles, 1*Size One Slow Flow Nipple, Extra soft bottle spout, 2*oz bottle bodies, 2*5oz bottle bodies, 1* size 2 slow flow nipple, 1*size 3 slow flow nipples, MAM comfort, Sealing disc.

If you have dealt with a breastfeeding and bottle-feeding baby, you must be well known to Reflux. MAM Newborn Gift set is specially designed to avoid reflux in your baby.  Its vented base gets all the air bubbles out saving your baby from swallowing them. The nipple is also designed to look and function like a mother’s nipple. It’s soft and flexible.

Furthermore, the MAM Newborn gift set comes with 4 bottles. 2 bottles of oz volume and 2 of 9oz volume. Hence, you can use this bottle’s newborns, young babies, and big babies as well.

7. Comotomo Baby Bottle

Comotomo Baby Bottles: 13$

Just like the Nanobebe bottle, the Comotomo Baby bottle also resembles the breast. It has a broad and round body and flexible nipple to go with it. Comotomo Bottles nipple comes with a dual vent that saves your baby from colic, gas, and reflux.

Its silicone structure gives your baby a smooth and soft experience. Comotomo Bottles can be put in the refrigerator and the microwave without any difficulties.

8. Tommee Tippee Baby Bottle

Tommee Tippee Baby Bottles: 28$

On a colorful note, Tommee Tippee Bottles come in very beautiful colors. Its wide base makes the bottle extra easy t clean and hold. The nipple of this bottle mimics that of a mum’s nipples, leaving no space for nipple confusion.

If colorful bottles aren’t your type, you can always choose the transparent, it’s nipples quality still stays the same, flexible and nipple-lookalike. Tommee Tippee bottles come in various range, shape, size, material. It provides you with glass bottles as well as plastic BPA-free bottles.

With that said, It comes with a mega gift set, set of 2 bottles, 4 bottles. Depending on your needs, you can choose whatever gift set you to wish, too.

Tommee Tippee Bottles are very cheap as well. You can buy a set of 4 only for 20$! The prize may vary for colors and materials. Choose for yourself. The color, the material doesn’t change the quality of the nipple.

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