9+ Ways To Play & Bond With A Newborn

To begin with, the bond between a mother and her baby is innate and very raw. It is said & believed that babies can recognize your voice, your aura inside of the womb. Hereafter, the starting days of ‘after birth’ play a very vital role in securing that bond lastingly.  That’s what we are going to conclude in ‘9+ ways to play with newborn’.

Despite their blurred vision and immature senses, babies profoundly rely on their senses of touch, smell & aura. Keep your touch, your voice, and the environment soft for the baby.

play with newborn

These steps are the starters of initiating a bond between you & your baby and l — the sense of security that your baby needs from you.

As for ‘how to play with newborn’, newborns are more of the hippies and less of the sportsman. They go with the VIBE. They laugh at little things, they cry when the vibe is off. To sum up, they are total Shamans & Zen!

How to play with a newborn & Bond With Them?

As we talked about it, babies have no control whatsoever over their motor skills and cannot use their bodies to actually play. SO, to play with a newborn, you will have to play from the heart and to the heart.

They play with their big ocean eyes, they play with facial expression and sometimes they do get violent and pull out your hair just for the fun.

Before we start off the ‘9+ ways to play with newborn’ parade, I’d like to add — babies love you as their parents/humans, they rely on you and feel secure with you, instinctively. Ensure that you maintain that feel for them.

Love them unconditionally, stay positive around them, it sends the pure vibe of bliss, zennnnnn…


1. Singing to the baby.

Soft music can calm your baby’s instincts and help them relax. You can sing for your baby or have the player play it for the baby. Singing is one thing but just talking to them with soft yet expressive expressions can make your baby giggle, too.

play with newborn

Singing Lullaby works great, too. Babies establish and register your voice as their favorite. Plus, Lullaby helps your baby sleep soundlessly. Keep your baby close to you or on top of you/in your arms or the laps, pat them gently and sing for them, gazing into their deep eyes.

Romantic, is it not? Your voice is the only thing your baby knows as of now, singing will help initiate the base trust!

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2. Skin-to-skin Dancing.

Dancing on ‘I like big butts and I cannot lie’ is a bliss example of how much your baby loves you, the music, your dancing and a little of big butts. (Reference — F.R.I.E.N.D.S).

play with newborn

All in all, dancing/singing/music gives out a very calm atmosphere that keeps your baby in the vibe! Keep in mind, the music is not too harsh, loud for the baby. It can irritate or upset your baby.

Skin-to skin dancing is when you dance with your baby, holding them close to your skin. You can do it naked or with clothes whatever suits you best. Your baby would enjoy your skin much better than the fabric, though. Your call.

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3. Play With newborn with your Fingers & Expressions.

Babies have a great deal of control over their finger movements. They like to hold things with their tiny hands. Have them hold your fingers, your hair, small toys. Let the baby feel your face. Babies love to gaze into your eyes. Make eye contact with them, softly talk to them.

Playful expressions can calm your baby. Mimic your baby’s expressions, blow kisses, entertain them with new funny expressions. Babies love to observe and take in all the new things to feel the vibe. Give your baby new things to look at.

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4. Outing with your baby.

What’s best than nature itself. Go out with your baby often. Make it a habit and choose different time periods every day. Let it be afternoon, evening, and even night. Take them to a small, less crowded park, or the river, pond, lake, sea.

Have them watch & enjoy fall, snow, rain, the moon, the sun, stars. Gaze the beauty of nature with them. Nature can be a great stimulant for a calm interior and exterior of life.

While visiting parks & gardens swing with your baby, lay down with them under the shed of the tree, get creative!

For a change, focus on visiting raw nature. Babies love to look at flying birds, kites, and everything that flies. Have them enjoy their instincts.

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5. Babies LOVE animals and animals love to play with newborn/humans

Babies are affectionate towards everything without the need for any reason. They do not go by the rules(but with the vibes). Babies love animals. The bond they share with animals is very sacred and to the depth.

Both the creatures talk with their heart without the need for any verbal conversations. If you are thinking of adopting a pet animal, now would be the right time. Babies develop a very healthy, affectionate, lovable, understanding bond when they grow up with animals.

It is totally fine if you are scared to introduce animals that early to your kids. But trust me, they are the safest choice you’ll ever make. I LOVE ANIMALS!

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6. Massage your baby.

Massage can relax your body, your mind, and your soul. At this growing stage in your baby’s life, massage can help relax their muscles and intuit a positivity in them towards. Skin-to-skin touch works like a great deal of bond.

In India, it’s traditional to massage your baby with essential oils every day. With massaging, you can cycle their legs, move their hands in a dancing way, jiggle their tummy, pamper their face, stroke their head.

When you are at it, be gentle and rhythmic. Your baby absorbs/senses your touch, your voice, your expressions. If not in general, massaging can help a crying baby, fussy baby. It can also help with gas issues in babies and help them fall asleep effortlessly.

7. Bathe with the baby.

Don’t just bathe the baby but bathe with them. Bathing together has many benefits. Your baby will trust the water and won’t resist it with you. They will have a sense of security and of course, will be safe & secure with you.

With bathing, you can also play with your baby in the water. Have the baby kick in the water or swim like a fish(with safety equipment). Occasionally, you can use small tube swimming pools to have your baby spend time in the water outdoor and get sun-kissed.

Swimming pool sessions will help your baby get used to the water and actually enjoy the water!

8. Read Books and Watch Movies!

Keep your baby in your lap and read them a book full of graphics, vibrant colors. Be as expressive as you can be! Board books are a great choice when it comes to reading books to your baby.

The same goes with movies, babies love to watch/observe in general. Light-weighted, colorful movies with animals excite babies. Watch with them and be equally expressive with the baby.

With that said, you can play screenplay, costume play with your baby. Visit movies and theatres (directed for babies)

9. Baby hanging toys to play with newborn

Babies love to watch hanging toys. Attach toys with soft music on their cribs. With that, Mylar balloon kicks also is a fun job for babies. Loosely tie the balloon on their ankle and watch them have fun with the balloon.

They like toys that jiggle giggle and make soft sounds. Have them hold these toys and let them tinkle the toys!

10. The very FAMOUS Pee-Kaa-Boo, blowing Stomach,…

Babies love to play, especially with the people close to them. Pee-Kaa-Boo, blowing on their stomach, bicycling their legs, or making them dance/wobble with you on tiptoes.

Blow bubbles for your baby, they love to look at them! Blow raspberries, have them play with a big butter paper(they absolutely love the sound papers make)

11. Simply spend time with them.

The place doesn’t matter for your baby, it’s you that matters. When spending time with your baby, give your full, be your earnest version. Do not divide your attention/do not half-heartedly play with them.

They can sense tension, try not to be stressed/avoiding stressing over little things. Forget everything when with your baby! Just be yourself, trust me your baby will enjoy you the most!


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These are some of the ways you can play with a newborn. Of course, there are million other ways, these baby-plays worked for me quite well. If you have more fun ways to add that worked wonders with your baby while playing and bonding. DO let us know in the comment section down below!

Also, these activities are for babies under 5 or 5 months old. Give these activities a try, your baby will absolutely love them. The motto is ‘KEEP TRYING and continue to play with newborn no matter what! Until then,