25 Household Chores A 2-Year Old Can Do!

Babies of age two or above have a very firm intention to be wildly independent. Do work for themselves as grown-ups do. All in all, it’s a healthy thought and curves your toddler’s behavior and humane. These 25 Household Chores A 2-Year Old Can Do will give your baby that sense of wild independence!

Though having your toddler to do their own work can be a bit tedious, time-consuming and messy but it benefits on a bigger picture.

Letting your baby do the work will benefit in more than ways you can think of:

  • Babies will have control over their decision which will make them responsible in fun & authoritative ways.
  • Your toddler will have a sense of independence. Which I believe is every human’s desire.
  • They will mean out what others “label’ as load.


As parents, it’s our utmost duty to make sure no work in any way is dangerous or can cause them harm. Even the simplest things can sometimes cause unwanted scratches. That’s why we came up with these 25 Household Chores A 2-Year Old Can Do!

Guideline before getting your baby on board:

  • There would be more work for you once your baby starts to help. With your baby starting to do work, it is inevitable there would be more mess than we can think of. But it’s worth it. Having to look at your baby do works with their little hands is a sight to die for.
  • Stay positive, keep the hype up. With the loads’ amount of mess, you can lose your calm. Don’t do that. Babies don’t create mess intentionally. For all I know, they do it to make us proud & happy. Encourage them if something does go wrong. Teach them how to do it right.
  • Give them rewards when the job is done: Even if your toddler does it wrong, reward them and award them. Show them how proud both of you are. Tell people around you(neighbors, family members, friends) about your baby’s accomplishment!
  • Don’t let them do work out of the punishment: Never ever punish them into doing chores. Punishment will turn them off completely.

25+ Chores 2-Years Old Toddlers can do on their own!

1. Put their toys safely: Babies love their toys. Have many storage boxes and label them. Ask your baby to keep their toys safely in the box after they finish their playing session.

2. Put clothes away in the laundry or storage box.

3. Wash Hands: Keep a gentle sanitizer.

4. Use napkins & tissues.

5. Pet & feed the baby: Let your baby spend time with your pets and take responsibility for feeding them.

6. Use dustbin.

7. Groom themselves: You can learn their style & likes. Help them with the clothes if they find it difficult. Also, avoid zippers.

8. Put on Pants/shorts/Underwear: Avoid pants/shorts with zippers. If it does have a zipper, help them with it.

9. Brush Their teeth. Guide them to the bathroom and help them on a stool.

10. Get on the potty & off: Use a Potty-Step Stool for your baby so that they don’t trip on the bathroom floor or on the commode.

Some extra easier, family-friendly tasks for your toddler.

11. Wear crocs/sleepers/shoes: Shoes without lace will be a better choice. If they do have laces on, teach your baby how to tie a lace.

12. Tuck shirt’s button: Even if they do it wrong, let them do it anyway. practice makes a man perfect!

13. Hand-peel their own fruits: Easy fruits like banana, oranges. Also, a vegetable like peas. Your baby would love to help mama in the kitchen.:

14. Put away their own dishes. Only if they are easy to handle. Avoid kitchen glasswares or things that can break down & harm your baby.

15. Arrange the dining table: Let them help you with the dining table. A salt shaker, napkins, etc.

16. Decorate fruit pot.

17. Water the plants.

18. Switch off the lights/fans, T.V., etc: When not in use, make sure your electrical switches are childproof.

19. Arrange their own books: Get them a shelf with different tags(comics, drawings, science, maths, etc.)

20. Make their bed.

21. Make their school bag.

22. Fill up their water bottles

23. Dust Furniture.

24. Sweep the floor: Just for the fun of it!

25. Dust Windows, shut/open the drapes!

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Don’t make these chores look like a burden. make them look fun. Enjoy these chores and work with your baby. Don’t let it get boring, your baby will lose interest in chores if they are not made fun.

These ’25 Household Chores A 2-Year Old Can Do!’ will help you spend more time with your baby. These chores will help you bond with your baby in a fun way. It’s a win-win situation. Your toddler will learn how to do work. They will enjoy a good time & will come closer to you. Plus, these household chores will teach your baby to be more empathetic, modest, helpful!

So, without wasting another second, get down with your baby in a fun & memorable time of your life. Until then,