10 Maternity Expenses Health Insurance Covers

Firstly, it’s no secret that the expenses of pregnancy, delivery, postpartum, baby care are not cheap. The whole parenthood journey is beautiful but you should prepare for it wisely, physically, mentally, and financially. Hence, we will be concluding 10 Maternity Expenses Health Insurance Covers

Being financially stable is a big stone in parenthood because you want to give the best of everything to your child. Luckily, our insurance policies do cover many of these maternity expenses.

Maternity Expenses Health Insurance

Many parents often forget the maternity advantages health insurance comes with and Maternity Expenses Health Insurance Covers. Out of 10, 9 of the health insurance policies do include the expenses of maternity and baby care. Make sure you are aware of all the expenses of your health insurance. Look out for everything your insurance covers and dig deep to not leave loose ends.

I have heard many parents talk about how their insurance policies didn’t cover anything or just covered one or two baby essentials(breast pump, most of the times and not the best one) Don’t let your insurance company fool you, get out everything that you can get!. In this article, we’ll be talking about 10 pregnancy and maternity expenses health insurance covers.

Of course, our insurance policies come with very big booklets with all the terms and conditions and benefits mentioned. Read every word of it to get the best of benefits.

10 Maternity Expenses Health Insurance Covers

There is no harm in asking your insurance company as to what Maternity Expenses Health Insurance Covers. Make a call immediately because calling doesn’t hurt. Of course, every policy is different but most of them should cover the basic pregnancy and baby needs. let’s discuss these basic Maternity Expenses Health Insurance might cover.

1. Counselling, Pre-, Post-natal Check-ups.

In general, your insurance policy must cover all your check-ups and appointments with the doctor concerning your pregnancy, delivery, and baby care. This should include Pre natal and post-natal checkups, doctor’s appointments, nurse assistance.

Also, sonography, fetus growth, fetus health check, pregnancy health check. Post-delivery checkups include lactational specialist’s appointment, pediatrician check-ups, and post-natal check-ups.

2. Child Birth Expenses(Cesarean, Normal delivery or induced delivery)

C-section & its recovery is a health concern. Therefore, health insurance must cover the expenses for Cesarean and post-c-section recovery. Additionally, induced delivery is also a health concern and thus your health insurance must cover Induced birth charges as well.

C-section’s recovery must include Postpartum belly wrap and postpartum kit with all the post-recovery essentials(we’be discussing forth)

3. Postpartum Recovery Kit

Namely, the postpartum recovery kit includes peri bottles, Sitz bathtub, belly wrap, maternity underwear, Maxi maternity pads. After all, these postpartum essentials don’t come cheap either because you’d be needing them in abundance and for a long time.

Your health insurance might or might not include most of these but maxi maternity pads should be included in your recovery necessities.

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4. Postpartum Compression Belt

After C-section or even after normal delivery, your body will be out of control especially your stomach and abdomen. Postpartum Compression belt holds your abdomen and stomach together for a faster C-section recovery and otherwise.

It also avoids stretching and straining around your stitches. Along with that, the Postpartum compression belt also keeps your posture straight.

Maternity Expenses Health Insurance

These compression belts also come handy in pregnancy. If you are dealing with back pain, contact your insurance company to provide you with a compression belt and other pregnancy essentials.

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5.  Medicinal Expenses.

Your health Insurance must include all the extra medicinal expenses along the path. For instance, prenatal vitamins, Baby needs, etc. Prenatal Vitamins prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy and provides a suitable womb for the baby. It ensures you and your baby’s health.

6. Birth Classes

I’m uncertain if your insurance policy will cover birth class expenses or not but it’s always good to check on with your company. Birth classes usually cost 100$ to 200$, so, it’s always good to confirm it with your insurance policy.

Additionally, your hospital will cover few birth classes for you. If your insurance company doesn’t cover birth classes and if it doesn’t fall under your budget, your hospital does provide you with birth classes. Check-in with your hospital for more information on this.

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7. Breast Pump

A breast pump is the first thing your insurance company will cover. But, it’s possible that you might not get your preferable breast pump. Consult with your company and let them know about your choices.

If they tell you a certain budget for the breast pump, choose a pump under that budget and let them know of your choice. They won’t say no if your preferred pump if it falls under your company’s budget.

8. Car Seat

Car seats are pretty expensive but fortunately, your insurance company most certainly will cover it for you. Again, consult with your company and let them know of your choices. Choose a car seat that’s under their budget.

Maternity Expenses Health Insurance

If you keep taking things that aren’t of your choice and might be a total waste, it would just waste your company’s money. Thus, make sure you consult with your company before they randomly pick up something for you. Also, your hospital will not let you leave without a car seat so make sure you get it before the delivery.

9. Baby Essentials

Most of the insurance companies do supply baby essentials like a car seat and baby diapers. If you ask in, I’m certain they cover more baby essentials then you know bout. For instance, nursing pillows, nursing pads, nursing bras, Swaddlers.

Maternity Expenses Health Insurance

Also, your hospital also provides you with many baby essentials as well. Like, diapers, maxi pads, maxi underwear, baby diapers, etc. Consult with your hospital and take everything that you can. Childbirth ain’t no easy and cheap.

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10. Incentive programs

Your insurance might also encourage many incentive programs. These might or might not be monetary but worth the try. These incentives provide you with pregnancy-related tasks. After completion of every task, you are given pregnancy freebies! Why not give it a try?

If you are unaware of it, consult your company for more information and keep yourself updated with such information.

Health Insurance With Add-on

You can take add-ons with your policy if you want to. Since taking a completely new maternity insurance policy might not benefit you as much as taking an add-on to your existing health insurance policies.

If the add-on falls under your budget, why not? The maternity health insurance add-on will include every maternity demand of yours from tip to toe, from pre-pregnancy to post-parenting. It’s your call. Also, don’t forget to collect all the freebies your hospital has to offer you.




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